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Elaine Albano Retirement


After 39 years working at Dunbar Primary school, which included a period as a Community School teacher at Dunbar Cluster Schools, Mrs Elaine Albano has decided to retire. She has been outstanding, both in her role as class teacher and as our first ever Principal Teacher Inclusion, Equity and Support. There are thousands of pupils and hundreds of families who have been supported by her through her wise words, her common sense approach and her unflappable nature. We as a school and community have benefitted from her experience and commitment. There is an invitation for former pupils/families that she has worked with over the years to come along on Wednesday 28th March at 2pm for a group photograph at John Muir Campus.



New Appointment

Our new PT Inclusion, Equity and Support will be Mrs Caroline Wight who will start with us on Monday 16th April. She has already met with Mrs Albano to ensure she is aware of planned meetings coming up, and we will ensure she is fully supported whilst getting to know the pupils, staff and community of Dunbar.