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Seasons for Growth – Adult Programme


Seasons for Growth Adult Programme

Seasons for Growth aims to build resilience and bring hope and confidence to adults who have experienced significant change or loss. Grief may be due to any number of experiences: bereavement, relationship breakdown, coming to a new country or experiencing a natural disaster. It may be a recent loss, or something that happened a long time ago.

The Seasons for Growth Adult Programme consists of two separate components:

  •   Understanding Change, Loss and Grief  (1 x 3 hour seminar session)
  •   Exploring the Seasons of Grief  (8 hours in total – 4 x 2 hour small group workshop sessions)

The Understanding Change, Loss and Grief seminar is designed for use in a wide variety of workplaces and community settings to deepen understandings of the nature and impact of change, loss and grief on the lives of groups or individuals.

The Exploring the Seasons of Grief programme creates a safe place for participants to learn together in small groups of 4-7 adults. The programme supports participants in learning about the personal impacts of change, loss and grief, whilst developing skills in communication, decision-making and problem-solving.  This helps to restore self confidence and self-esteem.

What Participants say about Seasons for Growth:

“Reflecting on how to try not to bottle up my feelings, to do something about my issues. If not I could explode”.

“Meeting new people and realising you are not alone”.

“The structure helped me to explore and push forward into areas that normally I viewed with trepidation and fear. The group of us together felt totally secure”.

“Talking about things – opening up about things that I never have”.

“Talking with others going through the same process of ‘grief’. Being able to actually talk about silly little things”.

Marie Prior, Enhanced Support Officer for Dunbar Cluster Primary Schools will be holding a seminar session on Wednesday 5th February 4.30-7.30pm and Friday 7th February 9am-12pm in the Dance Studio at Dunbar Primary School Lochend Campus. The small group workshop sessions will start in late February. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions please contact her at for further details.

Active School Clubs

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please find  a list of the Active Schools clubs available to your child this term. Please note that all classes have limited places and are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Term 2 Timetable


Bookings – Completed forms along with full payment should be returned FAO Gareth Hill Active Schools Coordinator at any primary school

Payment –Money or Cheques should be made payable to East Lothian Council and separate cheques should be written for each class.


Who qualifies? For pupils in Primary 1 to Primary 3 the promo code is available to those families in receipt of additional benefits who have formally applied for and received confirmation of their entitlement for Free School Meals.

All children in Primary 4 and upwards qualify if they’re registered for Free School Meals with East Lothian Council.

What next? To confirm you qualify, and to be given your promo code, please contact your local Active Schools Coordinator on the details at the bottom of this leaflet. Your promo code should be used when booking East Lothian Active Schools activities online (a checkout) or when completing a paper form.

For all classes it is the parent/guardians responsibility to make sure their child gets to and from the class safely and all children primary 3 and under must be collected. Please ensure your child wears appropriate footwear and clothing and brings drinking water to the session. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.

Thank you,

Gareth Hill

Active Schools Coordinator;       Mob  07976377642

The Dunmuir Hotel

Breakfast Club Sponsors

A reminder that until the end of January 2020, The Dunmuir Hotel very kindly sponsor our Breakfast Club!

We are very grateful that members of the local community have once again stepped up and offered funding to enable any pupil to get breakfast at either campus.

Breakfast Club starts at 8.15am every day at John Muir & Lochend Campus.

Winter Respiratory Illness

Key advice for parents and carers

In the home the risk of catching or spreading flu/cold like illness can be reduced by:

  • Regular hand washing with liquid soap and running water
  • Covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Using a disposable paper tissue, disposed of immediately after use.
  • You can teach your child to sneeze into the ‘crook’ of their arm rather than their hands, if they don’t have a tissue.
  • Good general cleaning of surface that everyone touches often e.g. TV remote, light switches, door handles, toilet flushes and tap heads.

Children should not return to school until completely well and 48 hours after symptoms have stopped.