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Scotland Learns : Parents and Carers Newsletter 5

We are delighted to bring you the latest edition of the Scotland Learns: Parents and Carers Newsletter. You can see the latest issue of this newsletter here.

Scotland Learns Parents and Carers Newsletter 5

In this edition there are:
new learning activities on literacy, numeracy, Gaelic, as well as health and wellbeing;
advice for supporting children with dyslexia;
information on transitions for young people starting and leaving secondary school;
a new resource on supporting young carers in education at this time;
a great creativity challenge

Scotland Learns- Parents Newsletter 3



In this issue there are:


Great new learning activities on Literacy and Numeracy,
tips for staying safe online, advice on supporting your child’s social and emotional needs, new Gaelic learning activities and
there is also a creativity challenge to invent your own National Holiday.

This newsletter is specifically for parents and carers. The activities do not require lots of materials and the tasks are designed to encourage children’s creativity and independence.

You can see previous editions of this newsletter on our Scotland Learns website.

Parents Newsletter 3

Scotland Learns-An Education Scotland weekly newsletter for parents and carers.

What is this?
Find ideas, hints and tips for parents and carers, including activities that children can do on their own or families can do together.

In these uncertain times, parents, carers and families are under a lot of pressure, especially in supporting children to continue to learn. No-one expects parents and carers to take the place of teachers.
This weekly newsletter has ideas, hints and tips for parents and carers, including activities that children can do on their own at home or families can do together.
These activities are intended to complement the activities provided by your school and help your child have a broad range of learning experiences during the school closures. Follow this link to subscribe to the Parents and Carers newsletter.



Primary 1 BOATS 6th March at 11.30


Friday 7th February


Dear Primary 1 Parents and Carers



Bring Your Adults to School



Next half term we will be welcoming parents and carers once again to come into class and share in their child’s learning. We hope to focus on some literacy activities for this session.


This will take place on Friday 6th March at 11.30am


You will have an opportunity to explore and join in with some teacher-led and independent learning activities within the classroom. You will be asked to return to the playground as normal at home-time to assist us to dismiss the children safely.



We look forward to welcoming you on the 6th.



Kind regards


The Primary One Team