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Accelerated Reader Home Connect

Is your child taking part in Accelerated Reader? Did you know you can go to a website called Home Connect to see their reading results and progress? It’s very simple to do…

Click on the link above and simply enter your child’s username and password (all pupils should know this) and you will be able to:

  • review results on AR quizzes taken in school
  • view the number of books read, words read and quizzes passed
  • see a virtual bookshelf showing the books your child has read

You will also see a link to ‘E-Mail Setup’ at the top of the page that gives you the chance to sign up to recieve an e-mail every time your child takes a quiz to share the results with you instantly!

You can find more Accelerated Reader information in our ‘RESOURCES’ section of the school website.

Fostering- Are you who they are looking for?

Are you who they’re looking for?

We urgently need more people to take the plunge and find out about fostering with East Lothian Council.

East Lothian Council’s Education and Children’s Services spokesperson Councillor Shamin Akhtar says:

‘We have children and young people who need foster carers urgently. The demand is always growing and we need more people to come forward very soon and give their love and support to some vulnerable children and young people who really, really need them.

‘As you know, we set great store in East Lothian in keeping our looked-after children in or very close to East Lothian, so that very vulnerable children don’t have to change schools or lose touch with their friends and wider families. Not every fostering agency thinks this is important but we do – we really see the value in not sending children far away from everyone and everything they know. So, I’d just like to say how grateful I am to all our current foster carers for choosing to Foster East Lothian and for the fantastic job they do – they make a difference every day. I hope that there will be a number of people reading this article now who will also be able to make that difference and be the ones that our children so desperately need.’


To find out more about joining our East Lothian fostering team (including, training, home visits and remuneration), please go to or  phone us on 01620 827 643

Snow Day Activities and Websites

All East Lothian Council schools, nurseries & specialist education provision will remain CLOSED to pupils on Friday 2 March due to adverse weather.

Some activities and learning you you could do whilst not at school and once you have enjoyed the snow.

* Make a fort in your house with bed sheets and read a book inside

* Make some paper snowflakes

* Build a family of snowmen of different heights, try to build them in order from tallest to shortest

* Draw a snow day picture of you in the snow. What are you wearing?  Can you label your drawing?

* Create a snow animal, e.g. a snow cat or snow rabbit

* Help an adult to clear the paths outside your house

* Go on website and choose some maths/numeracy games to play

* Help an adult to prepare  breakfast/lunch/dinner. You could write down all the ingredients.

* You could write a story with FROZEN as the title

* Write a shopping list based on the things that you are running out of at home.

* Make a bird feeder, fill it with seeds and dried fruits and put it in your garden or window sill.

* Draw or paint a snowy scene from your house.

* Write a letter to your teacher telling them all the things you have being doing whilst off.

* Write 10 snow jokes.

See photos for more ideas:

For P1 to P3 try the following sites:

You need to register for this site but it is free and gives a huge selection of ebooks. It also has maths and literacy activities. You can also download an app for Android and IOS.


Dunbar Primary School Improvement Plan and S&Q Report

Please find below Dunbar Primary School Improvement Plan 2017-18 and the Standards and Quality Report for 2016-17.

There are four main priorities in the plan listed below.

We have already made significant progress in priority one and two and are moving forward with the priorities three and four as National and Local guidance/ resources are issued.

Priority 1 : To raise the attainment in reading and close the gap in less able readers

Priority 2 : Improve the attainment and close the gap in numeracy and mathematics

Priority 3: Review H&WB programme to reflect need to support pupils emotional well-being and embed GIRFEC and SHANNARI

Priority 4 : To develop 1+2 Language across the whole school

If you wish to support the school on any aspect of our improvement plan we would be delighted to work with you.

DPS SIP 2017 – 2018

Final SQ DPS 2016 2017