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Accelerated Reader – Home Connect

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Is your child taking part in Accelerated Reader? Did you know you can log on a website called Home Connect to see their reading results and progress? It’s very simple to do…

Click on the link above and simply enter your child’s username and password (all children should know this) and you will be able to:

  • review results on AR quizzes taken in school
  • view the number of books read, words read and quizzes passed
  • see a virtual bookshelf showing the books your child has read

You will also see a link to ‘E-Mail Setup’ at the top of the page that gives you the chance to sign up to receive an e-mail every time your child takes a quiz to share the results with you instantly! Over 80 parents have signed up to this for free 🙂


Do you have a book at home and would like to know if it’s on AR?

Do you have a book from home or the local library that you would like to read?  Go to the link below to see if it is on AR:

Type in the title of your book, e.g. ‘Matilda’ and search.  If it is there you will see the front cover of the book and information beside it. Look for the BL number – this is the Book Level.

Matilda is 5.0, so for someone who has a range of 4.1 – 6.0 this book would be at their level.

Please remember a book doesn’t always have to be within your level!  You can challenge yourself and try it independently, read it with someone or have someone read it to you.



Funding for Macy


Dunbar Primary School are supporting Macy, a P6 Child in our school, who is hoping to have an operation in America to help improve her scoliosis. The operation will cost the family over £130,000.

Please find below the link for donating to the fund for Macy along with some more information on her illness and the operation she is hoping to get. The school are really keen to support her and her family and have already started raising money for the fund. You can donate on the site below or by clicking on the image.

Macy’s Story

Macy has just had her 10th birthday. To say she is active is an understatement. She likes gymnastics, trampolining & hip-hop. She likes riding her bike & swinging from trees. She is daring, adventurous & has no fear. Flexibility & mobility are very important to her, but for the last three years, Macy’s activities have been severely restricted.

Macy was diagnosed with scoliosis at six years old, with three curves in her spine, each measuring from 40 to 48 degrees. For three years, she wore a brace 20 hours a day, to prevent her condition from becoming worse. While Macy coped well with this to start with, by year three she lost her ability to cope. Bracing is widely acknowledged to produce immense psychological stress and in common with many other brace wearers, at times she felt ashamed, scared, angry and stressed. It made her feel different from her friends at a sensitive age, was restrictive and often uncomfortable. Her parents sought a second opinion in August 2016 and were advised that given the negative impacts on Macy’s emotional well-being, she should discontinue brace treatment. Her condition has since deteriorated rapidly & she needs surgery now, before she has another growth spurt. In such cases, the NHS perform a spinal fusion.

After countless sleepless nights & weeks of research to find an alternative treatment, her parents found their miracle – vertebral body tethering or VBT.

Unlike fusion, it allows for continued growth & mobility of the whole spine. It is the only procedure which will straighten Macy’s spine while allowing her to grow & remain flexible. Surgeons place screws in the affected vertebrae & attach the screws to a flexible cord to pull the spine in a straighter position. This realigns the spine so it can continue to straighten with growth & maintain flexibility. The surgery is less invasive than fusion, involving a five-inch scar as opposed to a full spine incision down the middle of the back. While this is desirable cosmetically, it also means less blood loss, less risk of infection & faster recovery time, as there is less muscle, bone & tissue damage.

As fusion currently is the only option in the UK, the only hope for Macy and her family is to go to America for VBT but this needs to be done as soon as February 2017.

If you can help in any way click the link below.

Helen Gillanders, Head Teacher

School Crossing Lammermuir Road

URGENT To all parents at 5pm Friday 9th December

The crossing between the two Campuses has been damaged by a lorry today whilst the A1was closed. The lights and the crossing are both damaged and are not working.

Police are aware, however caution is required. We will try to ensure that there is someone manning the crossing on Monday and will make efforts with ELC to have a speedy repair to this essential crossing.

A MacRury D H T


Monday 7th November

We are selling poppies in both buildings this week – minimum donation of 20p

 Pre-School vision tests

P7 INCAS ASSESSMENTS Start for all P7 pupils

11.15 – 12.15pm: WWII visitors in P7 classrooms

1.30-2.30 – P6 Seasons for Growth – Butterfly Room

Tuesday 8th November

9.30-10.45 – P7 workshops in class

11.15 – 12.30pm – P7 workshops in class

 Pre-School vision tests

Wednesday 9th November

9-12.15 – P4 Rugby

9.30-10.45 – P7 workshops in class

11-2.30 – P4 Art Workshop

11 – 11.30 Harbour to visit the Library

12.50 – 3pm PC Amanda Johnstone to see P1’s

5 – 7pm  Head teacher/ Parent drop in session. This will be at John Muir Campus.

Thursday 10th November

P3 football 1 hr for each class next 4 weeks. This will be on the 3G pitch.

9.30 -11.30am RCWC course . John Muir Campus.

Friday 11th November

9.15 – 10.15am – P7 WWII Assembly for parents in Gym Hall & Dinner Hall. Lochend

10.45 – P7 WWII Assembly for pupils (one minute silence will be held during the assembly, led by P7) LEST WE FORGET.


Find us on Twitter…

Twitter is a great way for us to instantly share information and our fantastic achievements with parents and the public. We currently have over 700 followers!

You don’t even need a twitter account, although it will allow you to ‘follow’ us if you do!

To view our twitter feed simply click on: or search for @dunbarprimary

The P7 team are currently tweeting photos and videos from camp!

New Lunch Menu April 2016

The Spring/Summer menu starts Monday 25th April 2016. The Autumn/Winter menu starts 31st October.  Please click on the links below to download the new menu and allergen information:

Allergen Chart – Desserts – Spring & Summer 2016

Allergen Chart – Primary Main Meals – Spring Summer 2016

Allergen Chart – Soups – Spring Summer 2016

Primary School Spring & Summer Menu 2016

Primary Spring & Summer Menu 2016 with Carbohydrates