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Can you help fill up our new Play Pod?

We are very excited to have taken delivery of our new Play Pod. This is sited out in our John Muir Campus playground and will be used by all the children at lunchtimes and during lesson times. We aim to fill it with a variety of very open-ended materials which the children can use to build structures, create role play scenarios and unleash their creativity and imagination in lots and lots of ways. What may seem like junk to us can very quickly become a knight’s castle, a spaceship, a racing car or a den with some team work and inspiration!

We will need lots of materials to fill the pod and to ensure that our large number of pupils can join in with this exciting play opportunity.

Can you help? Perhaps you have some materials that have been lurking in the garage or loft for some time awaiting a visit to the tip?  Please see a list of materials below- please give Joanne Legge at John Muir Campus a call if you can  help- we can arrange collection. If you have something that isn’t on the list but that you think may be suitable please also give Joanne a call.

Thank you!

Nursery Transition and Getting Ready for School information


2018 Nursery to P1 Transition

Click on the links for detailed information from Monday’s Event

Getting Ready for School

Dunbar Primary School

Transition Policy

Our Core Values

* We will not give up on our pupils – unconditional positive regard

* We believe that every pupil belongs to our school – belonging

* We believe that intelligence is not fixed – learning

* We see our school is part of the community – outward facing

* We need to help our pupils overcome adversity – resilience

* We have a shared obligation to make a difference – service

* We can’t do it by ourselves – partnerships

* We accept change and challenge ourselves to keep improving – innovate

Our main goal is to make every child the best that they can be.


In this policy, ‘transition’ describes the movement that takes place from one familiar setting to another. It is defined as the process where policy and practice has been adapted to support children settle in to their new learning environment in preparation for future learning and development.

Aims and Objectives

At Dunbar Primary School we endeavour to ensure a smooth transition for pupils every year as they move on to their next class teacher in August. We also have specific transition programmes in place for key points including:

  • Nursery – Primary 1
  • Primary 3 – Primary 4 (split campus school)
  • Primary 7 – S1

The curriculum makes it very clear that these points of transition must be planned for with care, considering the needs of each individual child and meeting their particular transition needs.   Children and parents/carers need to feel secure and confident to face the changes as they progress through their school life. We want our children to experience a successful transition throughout their learning so that the pace and quality of learning are maintained to ensure every child continues to make the very best progress.

We also recognise that children can be vulnerable at each stage of transition and subsequently implement a range of strategies and activities to ensure a smooth and happy transition.


Year Group Transfer


Formal liaison between class teachers is organised towards the end of the school session when reports have been written and assessments are up-to-date. The meetings are held at a mutually convenient time in the summer term when the teachers know the class they will have in August.

At the meeting, details of individual pupils’ progress and needs are discussed and a written handover file is shared with the next teacher. This includes data, e.g. INCAS, Accelerated Reader reports and Single Word Spelling Test results, achievement of levels and next steps in learning.

Other written information to be transferred may include comments from support staff and relevant medical information. Writing and maths jotters also move on with the children at the end of each session.

Copies of all year stage overviews and medium term plans (including assessment comments and evaluations) are available electronically on the school server. It is not necessary to define the actual work covered by the children in a year-group class but teachers will know which areas of work may need particular attention the following year.

Nursery to Primary 1

Transition in the Early Years begins before the children start in Ante Pre-school nursery. All parents/carers, with a two year old child, on the NAMS waiting list, are invited into the school for our ‘First Steps to Success’ event. They are given a nursery rhyme book to take away and read with their child. This is then used regularly in Nursery during ‘Rhyme Time Monday’.   During this event, the parents/carers also take part in three workshops – reading, numeracy/maths and developing independence/preparing for Nursery.

From starting in their APS year, the nursery staff take detailed notes that inform the tracking for each individual child. This continues throughout their PS year and onto P1. Formative assessments also take place throughout the year and these are shared with parents/carers and passed onto staff at handover time.

Transition from Nursery to P1 involves children from a range of private nursery settings, other ELC nurseries, schools outwith the catchment/cluster and Dunbar Nursery Class. We invite the children and their parent/carers, if they do not attend the school nursery, to as many transition events as possible.

The Nursery PT and PT for Inclusion and Support organise enhanced transition experiences and opportunities for children with additional support needs or emotional and behavioural needs. This takes place throughout the year but more focused time takes place in the summer term.