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Easter Activity Challenge

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What We Do

Children’s University Scotland seeks to provide children with the opportunity to take part in exciting, interactive and voluntary learning activities outside of normal school hours.

How It Works

Children aged 5-14 sign up to Children’s University through their school to receive a Passport to Learning. 

The Passport to Learning looks just like a normal passport. By adding a stamp or a sticker, children record the activities they take part in outside normal school hours. There are no exams.

CU members could collect credits for taking part in a reading challenge, playing in a school sports team, learning to play an instrument or visiting an art gallery, castle, science centre or nature reserve. The opportunities are almost endless.

We reward learning through awards and certificates, which we present at Children’s University graduations, at real ‘grown-up’ universities, with real caps and gowns.

The CU Learner’s Journey

Get your Passport To Learning

Your Passport To Learning gives you access to thousands of learning destinations across the UK. It is used to record the learning activities you take part in outside normal lesson hours.

Get involved in exciting activities

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, it can happen anywhere. You can collect credits at museums, galleries, sports centres, nature reserves, libraries…the list is endless!

Celebrate at a CU graduation

Held at partner universities, our graduations are inspirational occasions for parents, friends and teachers as well as children. They send a powerful message of encouragement to young and old alike.

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My favourite activity is with Brian the Park Ranger because he teaches me a lot like tree names. One tree name is an ash and another is a rowan, but my favourite tree is an oak! My proudest moment was wearing my own blue gown and hat and being welcomed in to Queen Margaret University for the first time. I liked flinging my hat in the air when we went outside. I was beaming from ear to ear and could not wait to go for two days!


Age 7

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