P6 Teachers 2017 – 2018

Mrs Veitch, Ms Glacken, Miss Eeles, Mrs Whitehead, Miss McDonald, Mrs Bennett, Miss Imrie

32 thoughts on “P6”

  1. i cant believe iam going into primary 7 in august cant wait till beamish trip on thursday 2nd ne and iam looking forward to going camping in october when iam in p7 in august 2016. ill miss ms glacken in p6

  2. looking forward to sports day and looking forward to p7 the year has went by fast this year p7 shortlay cant wait and looking forward to camping in october 2016

  3. My class won the DAFTA award today at hallhill. I am so happy that we won. Our teacher Ms Glacken will be happy for us that we won on Andy Stewarts song Donald where your trousers

  4. ms glacken thank you for everything i will miss you iam looking forward to p7 in august cant wait looking forward to going camping in october

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