S1 Lochend Campus Visit

We were happy to welcome back a group of S1 pupils from Dunbar Grammar on Friday when they came down for a tour of the new campus.

They were very impressed with the school and particularly liked the dance studio and changing rooms in the gym hall!

It was really nice to see you all!  We’re glad you enjoyed the tour 🙂




Children In Need

We will be celebrating Children In Need this Friday and this year’s theme is spots! There will be a cake stall at John Muir Campus and Lochend Campus on Friday and all money raised will go to Children In Need – if you would like to bake any cakes for this we would be delighted to sell them on Friday.

Donate a gift to someone in need!

You still have time to fill a shoebox with simple gifts for those in need as part of our annual shoebox appeal. Some ideas to put into your box: soap, shampoo, comb, deodorant, gloves, hats, small toys, pens, pencils etc. Please make sure the lid is secure with rubber bands. Please hand in to the school by Friday 4th November.





This year Dunbar Primary School is working for the level 1 Rights Respecting School Award organised by UNICEF.




What is the Rights Respecting School Award?


One of the greatest challenges that schools face is to define a clear set of values – not just rules – that has been developed with the full school community and is actively upheld by all.  UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) helps schools to use the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as the values framework that enables this to be achieved.


The UNCRC enhances pupils’ understanding of the consequences of individual and group actions on the rights of others locally and globally. The articles of the Convention are based on the recognition of every child’s basic needs in order to thrive. The UNCRC therefore sets out a child’s rights to:


– Survive and have good health


– Be protected from harm


– Develop their talents and skills


– Participate in the world to which they belong.


In order to achieve the award the school must meet the required standards across four aspects of school life.


These are:


– Leadership and management which promotes the values of the UNCRC in the life of the school


– Knowledge of the UNCRC including an understanding that with rights comes responsibilities


– Rights-respecting climate and culture everywhere in school – classrooms, playground and dining hall


– Active pupil participation in decision making.


When the school feels it has met the required standards a UNICEF UK Education Officer will conduct an assessment. This is usually after a period of 18 months. If the necessary standards are confirmed the school will be presented with a certificate.


How does the RRSA make a difference?


Children and young people can raise their achievement at school and improve the quality of their lives, if they learn exactly what their rights and responsibilities are according to the UNCRC and use this understanding as a guide to living.


Children and young people will know how to go about making informed decisions and become confident, active citizens if this “rights and responsibilities” guide to living is introduced at an early age and reinforced through school life.

Evidence gathered from schools that have already completed the award suggests that there has been a positive impact on school ethos, pupils’ self-esteem, behaviour and their development as global citizens.

For our school to successful the rights and responsibilities need to be embedded into the whole of our school community and be part of our school ethos – this will involve staff, pupils, parents and the wider school community getting involved. We look forward to you all joining and learning alongside us.

Further information can be obtained from www.unicef.org.uk


Below are some pictures from when P3C and P6B met up for the first time at Lochend Campus. The P6’s showed them around their campus and they all had great fun making good use of the playground equipment!


Standing together. Facing the future.