New School

These are photos of the new school. The building is really taking shape now and they are about to put the roof on the gym hall and dining room to make everywhere weather tight.

Mrs Gillanders visted with Councillor McLennan and they were impressed with the rooms and outside areas even in their current unfinished state. It will look fantastic when it is finished!

We will put some more photographs up after the Feb holiday.

Scottish Assembly

On Friday 28th January P1-P7 pupils will be participating in two Scottish assemblies. They will be presenting to each other about a variety of Scottish topics, including poetry, dance, song and the life and works of Robert Burns. Pupils can wear Scottish clothing…tartan, kilts, plaid, sashes etc.

To celebrate Robert Burns Day on Tuesday 25th January the dining room will be serving a Scottish menu – haggis, neeps and tatties and traditional lamb stew.

Accelerated Reader

You should now all have received a letter informing you about the Accelerated Reader ‘Home Connect’ website if your child uses this in school.  Now you have the username and password for your child you can view daily progress in Accelerated Reader at any time from any computer with internet access on:

It allows you to view a virtual bookshelf with all the books your child has read, points they have gained, word count, quiz scores and overall progress.  You can also:

* Click E-mail Setup to sign up and receive e-mails showing your child’s quiz results.

* Click Help to get answers to your questions about Home Connect.

* Search for books that have A.R. quizzes through the A.R. Bookfinder link.

Christmas Cheer!

We would like to wish all the pupils and parents a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from everyone at Dunbar Primary School. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the P1 and P3 shows and would like to say thanks to everyone involved for putting on great performances!

We will see you back at school on Tuesday 11th January.

Outdoor clothing

Could you please send your child in with an extra pair of socks and shoes as the children will be outside enjoying the snow! They will be taking part in a range of snow activities and it would be helpful if the children had something warm and dry to change into. Please make sure your child has suitable clothing for outdoors as it is very cold! I am sure you will look forward to seeing all the snowmen in our playground soon!!

Accelerated Reader

**Useful information – Accelerated Reader p4-7**

Go to the link below and type in the title of your book, e.g. ‘Matilda’ and search.  If it is there you will see the front cover of the book and information beside it.  Look for the BL number.  This means Book Level, e.g. Matilda is 5.0 so for someone who has a range of 4.1 – 6.0 this book would be at their level.

Please remember a book doesn’t always have to be within your level!  You can challenge yourself and try it independently, read it with someone or have someone read it to you.


Resources to use at home!

If you are looking for educational and fun games for the kids to use check out the ‘resources‘ page of our website. Below are a few activities to keep you busy!

Write an acrostic poem using – Snowflake

List 10 things you can do with snow

Measure how much snow has fallen during the last week

Keep learning your times tables

Primary 2 as you are studying water  put out a bowl of water and see how long it takes to freeze

Either take a photograph of you in the snow or draw a picture of what you have been doing in this snowy weather.