Additional Funding Available to Schools


Forms and guidance available at above link or at the school.

Dunbar Primary School receives £1200 funding from the Scottish Government for each pupil between P1 and P7 who is registered for free school meals. This is called Pupil Equity Funding and schools use the money to help fund a wide range of initiatives to support achievement.

If you are eligible for free school meals (see eligibility criteria below), please apply for your child(ren). Even if your child does not wish to take up the option of having the free school meal every day, we would encourage you to apply so that the school will receive the Pupil Equity Funding to support learning.

We want to ensure that you are not missing out on any potential entitlements. One important area is free school meals. Access to free school meals is an important part of the health and wellbeing of students at Dunbar Primary School . If your son or daughter is entitled, we are happy to support you to overcome any problems you might have with the application process. Please contact Mrs Albano at John Muir Campus (01368863773) or Mrs Kelly at Lochend Campus (01368860997) to discuss.

Anyone wanting further information should contact Education on (01620) 827782 or 827827 or email

Is your child eligible for free school meals?

Children in P1, 2 and 3: All pupils in Primary 1, 2 and 3 will be entitled to a free school meal (but not free school milk).

Parents/Carers receiving the following benefits should continue to complete a free school meal application form to ensure they are not charged for school milk:

• Income support
• Income based job seekers allowance
• Universal Credit (from the 1 August 2017 you will only be entitled to Free School Meals if you are in receipt of Universal Credit and your monthly earned income is less than £610)
• Employment support allowance (income related)
• Child tax credit but NOT working tax credit with an annual income less than £16,105
• Child tax credit AND working tax credit with an annual income less than £6,420

Parents who do not want their child to take up their free school meal should let their school know as soon as possible.

Free school meals ensure that children receive a free, balanced and healthy meal during the school day if they need it. This service is delivered discreetly so that it is not obvious to other children that your child is receiving this service.

Click on link below to download form and guidance.


John Muir Campus- Gardening Project

John Muir Campus- Gardening Project

Launch Meeting:  Friday 23rd March 9am

  • We are planning to improve and enhance our Courtyard Garden to make this a more inspiring and creative place in which our pupils can learn
  • We already have some volunteers who would like to get involved and some fantastic offers with help rebuilding our planters and creating a sandpit.
  • We are going to meet on Friday 23rd March at 9am in the Library at John Muir Campus.
  • Please come along for a chat about the plans and to get involved! If you can’t make it, we will still keep you informed of our plans so you can come along and help at a later date.Your help: and that could be some of your spare time to clear our garden, helping create some of the new learning spaces…….. all would be so gratefully received so please come along! Thank you- All the Teachers at JMC




Wednesday 28th March 2018 @ 2.00pm John Muir Campus

As Mrs Albano is retiring after 39 years within Dunbar Primary and the Cluster we would like to have a photo opportunity with as many former pupils/families that she has worked with over the years. Anyone who is able and would like to come along would be more than welcome. If you have children here and would like them to be part of the photograph then please collect and bring them along too. The more the merrier! This will be a lovely reminder of her memories at Dunbar Primary School.

Snow Day Activities and Websites

All East Lothian Council schools, nurseries & specialist education provision will remain CLOSED to pupils on Friday 2 March due to adverse weather.

Some activities and learning you you could do whilst not at school and once you have enjoyed the snow.

* Make a fort in your house with bed sheets and read a book inside

* Make some paper snowflakes

* Build a family of snowmen of different heights, try to build them in order from tallest to shortest

* Draw a snow day picture of you in the snow. What are you wearing?  Can you label your drawing?

* Create a snow animal, e.g. a snow cat or snow rabbit

* Help an adult to clear the paths outside your house

* Go on website and choose some maths/numeracy games to play

* Help an adult to prepare  breakfast/lunch/dinner. You could write down all the ingredients.

* You could write a story with FROZEN as the title

* Write a shopping list based on the things that you are running out of at home.

* Make a bird feeder, fill it with seeds and dried fruits and put it in your garden or window sill.

* Draw or paint a snowy scene from your house.

* Write a letter to your teacher telling them all the things you have being doing whilst off.

* Write 10 snow jokes.

See photos for more ideas:

For P1 to P3 try the following sites:

You need to register for this site but it is free and gives a huge selection of ebooks. It also has maths and literacy activities. You can also download an app for Android and IOS.


P7 World of Work 2018

Image result for world of work

P7 had a great week learning all about skills for learning, life & work.  Activities in class have all been based on the ‘World of Work’ and we’ve had a huge range of visiting speakers!  Here’s a few photos from our week…

Thank you so much to all the visiting speakers!  The week would not have been successful without your input.