Improvement Plans & S and Q Reports

Please take a look at Dunbar Primary’s Standards & Quality Report and School Improvement Plans.

DPS School Improvement Plan and Standards & Quality Report

Unfortunately, the current COVID restrictions mean that I am unable to meet you all in the hall at each campus and talk to you about our whole school plans for the coming year and to reflect on last session. We have produced a family friendly version of our School Improvement Plan for 2021/22 and our school Standards and Quality Report which looks back to 2019/20, which we can all acknowledge was the very strangest of times. I will arrange for these to be sent to you via email. Full versions of both documents are also on our school website. Website:

School Improvement Plan 2021-22

DPS SIP 2020 & 2021 (inc Cove & Nursery)

Standards And Quality Report 2020-21

DPS S&Q Report 2020 & 2021

Previous Sessions Archive

SIP 20-21

Parent Friendly School Improvement Plan 2020 (1)

Final 19&20 Dunbar Primary School Standards and Quality Report

SIP 2019-20

School Improvement Plan 2019-20


Standards and Quality Report 2018-19 and School Improvement Plans

School Improvement Plans and Standards and Quality Reports

School Improvement Plan 2017 – 2018 

Standards and Quality Report 2016 2017

School Improvement Plan 2016-2017:

School Improvement Plan 2014-2015

Dunbar Primary School Aims

Successful learners

I will do my best to be happy at school and to make it a happy place for others.

I will do my best to take part in all school activities.

I will keep learning and keep getting better so my learning is the best it can be.

I can explain what I have to do to get better at things.

Responsible Citizens

I will do my best to take care of everyone and everything in our school.

I will do my best to respect people who live in our community and the world beyond our school gates.

I am learning to make my own choices and decisions.

Confident Individuals

I will believe in myself.

I am confident enough to have a go!

I am happy to share my successes.

Effective Contributors

I can work well with others to get a task done.

I can use what I have learnt in different situations.

I can accept the opinions of other people even when I don’t agree with them.

Devised and written by pupils, staff and parents  – 2008


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