P1 go on a maths hunt

Our primary one classes enjoyed an autumn maths treasure hunt in our school garden this week. The children had to work with a partner to find dot patterns and match the pattern to the correct number on their sheet.

Here are some pictures of P1C completing the activity. Good job everyone!

Primary 1 sounds

Wow! What a busy term – Primary 1 have learned lots of new sounds this term and are meeting their new phonic teacher (for next term) tomorrow.

We are so proud of all your hard work boys and girls. It would be great if you could keep practising your sounds over the holidays.

Well done everyone 🙂


What were we learning about today?

Today in RWI  we were learning the ‘Sh’ sound.  We were saying, ” Sh said the horse to the hissing snake”.

In numeracy we were learning about number bonds to 5 using five frames.

In ICT we were learning to log on, type our names using Microsoft Word and to log off.

Today was European Language day.  We were doing lots of talking in French!  Ask your child to tell you what they had for lunch in French!

Today was fun.  Eva

I liked typing my name on the computer.  Declan

I liked playing in the playground at lunch time. Mia

I like ICT. Maia

I liked drawing pictures.  Leo

I like the new planes in the small world toys.  Liam

I liked playing outside. Caitlin

I liked ICT.  Isla Lambe

I like choosing time.  Ruaraidh

We like speaking French.  Mia, Eva, Orla, Cailean, Leo,

Declan, Cara,Caitlin, Alex-Sophia