Welcome to DPS Read-a-thon 2015! Read-a-thon is the only fundraiser run for the libraries at Dunbar Primary School. Without these funds we could not purchase new books, replace lost or damaged books, or outfit the rooms. It has been 3 years since the last Read-a-thon, so we are hoping for enthusiastic participation! We are aiming to raise over £5000! This year we are running the Read-a-thon in conjunction with Dunbar Reads Aloud, hoping that while raising money, students will also improve their reading skills!

Thank-you for participating!

Read-a-thon officially starts on Monday February 2nd at 8:45 am. Read-a-thon officially ends on Friday February 13th at 8:45 am.

Please see links below to further Read-a-thon 2015 information.

Mel Mitchell and Eden Blair, DPS Parent Council, and Dunbar Primary School