Class Reps required


Class Reps required now for many p4-p7 classes!

Being a Class Rep is an important and rewarding role. Class Reps help to build a sense of community among the class parents and they help provide the link between the parents and the Parent Council. Like every parent, Class Reps are invited to the Parent Council meetings to increase understanding of what the parent council does for the school.

The Parent Council Chairperson is currently Sarah Horsburgh. If you would like to be a Class Rep, or find out more, please contact her ‘’

The Role of a Class Rep   


Some teachers appreciate help with communication to parents. It is suggested that every Class Rep attends the monthly Parent Council meeting. This provides valuable insight into what is going on within the school, what fundraising is happening and where this money is allocated, as well as offering a chance to voice any concerns or questions.

Maintaining Class Lists

Keeping  an up to date list of all the children in the class.  It is very important to get everyone’s permission to be added to the list. This is a very handy list for everyone in the class to have, for everything from Christmas cards to Birthday Party invites! It is NOT to be circulated outside of school.

Teacher’s Presents

If your class decides it wants to give the Teacher and Classroom  Assistants  presents  at Christmas or end of year the Class Rep will organise this.  Class Reps also generally co-ordinate a card or similar for the teachers with messages from the children at Christmas and end of year.

Next Year’s Reps

Towards the end of the year please find at least one lovely volunteer to rep for the next year!

Thank you