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The Parent Council AGM will be held online on Tuesday 30th August at 7pm. 

At the AGM we elect the officials – Chair, Vice and Treasurer.  This year in particular we are looking for a new treasurer and vice chair as Belinda & Laura (who have done amazing jobs) are stepping down. These are obviously crucial roles, the vice chair provides much needed support for the chair, taking on some of the work to allow more to get done. The treasurer handles the accounts and and without it pretty much all our endeavours will grind to a halt as we will be unable to either fundraise or pay out funds to support the school and our children.

If you have a few hours a month to either provide organisational support or to keep the books right and a hand on the purse strings please do consider it. Although it’s helpful to have the vice & the treasurer at our meetings you don’t have to commit to every one, just to keep us informed. If you want to know more, please e-mail 

The Agenda (including the link to join the meeting) and minutes of the previous AGM can be found here:-

AGM Agenda 30th August 2022

AGM Minutes 2021 (Draft)