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Class Reps required


Class Reps required now for many p4-p7 classes!

Being a Class Rep is an important and rewarding role. Class Reps help to build a sense of community among the class parents and they help provide the link between the parents and the Parent Council. Like every parent, Class Reps are invited to the Parent Council meetings to increase understanding of what the parent council does for the school.

The Parent Council Chairperson is currently Sarah Horsburgh. If you would like to be a Class Rep, or find out more, please contact her ‘’

The Role of a Class Rep   


Some teachers appreciate help with communication to parents. It is suggested that every Class Rep attends the monthly Parent Council meeting. This provides valuable insight into what is going on within the school, what fundraising is happening and where this money is allocated, as well as offering a chance to voice any concerns or questions.

Maintaining Class Lists

Keeping  an up to date list of all the children in the class.  It is very important to get everyone’s permission to be added to the list. This is a very handy list for everyone in the class to have, for everything from Christmas cards to Birthday Party invites! It is NOT to be circulated outside of school.

Teacher’s Presents

If your class decides it wants to give the Teacher and Classroom  Assistants  presents  at Christmas or end of year the Class Rep will organise this.  Class Reps also generally co-ordinate a card or similar for the teachers with messages from the children at Christmas and end of year.

Next Year’s Reps

Towards the end of the year please find at least one lovely volunteer to rep for the next year!

Thank you

Parent Council Treasurer’s report 2014-2015

At the recent Parent Council meeting (02/09/2015) Margaret Brown, Parent Council Treasurer, presented the Parent Council financial report for 2014-2015.  Please see the report below to find out about money raised and projects supported by Dunbar Primary School Parent Council.   Please contribute your ideas for fundraising/projects you feel the PC should support by contacting your class rep, attending meetings or referring to the ‘contact us’ section on this website.

A list of new parent council meeting dates and class reps will be posted to this website as soon as possible.

PARENT COUNCIL Treasurer’s Report 2014-2015


DUNBAR PRIMARY SCHOOL FAIR – Saturday 30 May between 12 and 4pm


It’s almost time for the school fair – this time next week everyone will be baking and getting themselves ready to win some of the fabulous prizes on offer in the Bake Off (we hope!).

In the meantime if anyone has any bottles of wine or tombola prizes could you please hand them into the office at either campus or contact Tracy Gillespie.

We will need some help to set up and man the Parent Council stalls such as the Tombola, Water/Wine, Lucky Dip etc and to serve teas and coffees.  If anyone would like to volunteer their services please get in touch with Tracy Gillespie.  We need help from 9 in the morning until the fair starts at 12 and then from 12 til 4 but you only need to give an hour if you want to join in the fun.  My email address is  Please get in touch if you are able to help out and we will agree a time that suits you

Parent Council Meeting – Monday 1st June, 7-9pm, John Muir Campus

The next Parent Council Meeting will be held on Monday 1st June at John Muir Campus, school library at 7:00 – 9:00pm – All welcome!

Please see Agenda below

Parent Council Meeting


Monday 1 June 2015, 7-9pm

John Muir Campus School Library


  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Apologies
  • Approve minutes for Apr 2015

7.05 – 7.20

Head Teacher update


Ø  Monthly update


7.20 – 7.25

Finances update (Margaret Brown)


7.25 – 7.35


Ø  School Fair (Tracy Gillespie)




Ø  Ceilidh (Sarah Horsburgh)





Ø  Communications Group update (Tracy Gillespie)



7.35 – 7.40

Office bearers – Term 2015/16

Ø  Chair

Ø  Vice-chair


7.45 – 8.00

Any other business


It’s your AGENDA so please let us know if there is anything that you like raised at this or future meetings – email the Committee:

Co-Chair: Tracy Gillespie (


Vice Chairs: Lisa Lumby (

Sarah Horsburgh (

Treasurer: Margaret Brown


Next meeting date:




Tuesday 1 September 2015 AGM




Partnership with school:

School Fair (May)

Parent Council:

Ladies Night (November)


Christmas Cards

Toy Sale (November/December)



Lottery (rested)


Ceilidh (TBC)


School with Parent Council funding/input



School grounds e.g. murals, games (ongoing)


Dunbar Reads Aloud (coming 2015!)


Bug-busting (throughout year)


Gardening club (ongoing)


Keeping Parents Informed


Artist in residence


Lots of others…….!


School Fair – Saturday 30 May between 12 and 4pm

The School Fair will be held on Saturday 30 May between 12 and 4pm.  This year we are raising money to buy a canopy to make the outdoor classroom at John Muir Campus accessible in all weathers.

There will be the usual school stalls where you can buy items your children have made along with a table top sale and watch out for more information on the Great DPS Baking Competition in next week’s email.

 The Bouncy Castle Man will be there – it’ll cost £7 per wristband for a whole afternoon of fun.  There will be discounts for purchases of 3 wristbands or more.  There will be more information about this on the Parent Council website shortly.

 In the meantime we are looking for donations of adult and children books and bottles of wine and tombola prizes – there will be more information on what to do with donations next Friday but in the meantime please have a look through your drawers and cupboards for any unwanted items that the Parent Council could use.

 Do you, or your children, belong to a club? We are looking for teams of 6 – 8 to take part in our tug of war contest – we have some fabulous prizes on offer for the winning teams (both adult and child) so please have a chat with your friends/team mates and get ready to take the strain!

Many hands make light work and we can really use some help in the run up to the school fair and on the day – if you have a few hours to spare and would like to get involved with our team please contact Tracy Gillespie.

There will be more information about this exciting event next week.