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 Ready, Steady, Count!

The DPS Parent Council would like to invite your child to take part in Mathletes 2014.  This week of maths activity is an addition to Together We Count and aims to get those maths brains fit and agile.  All your child needs to do is complete the maths activities each night for a week.

Mathletes will run from Monday 12th May – Monday 19th May.  From Monday to Thursday, each night pupils will complete a maths activity (there’s a different one for each night) and once finished they colour in a lap of the running track on the sheet provided.  Over the weekend the pupils then choose another activity to do; this might be adding up the weekly shop, baking, playing a game etc.  Each day, pupils bring in their running track and talk about the activity and at the end of the week receive their certificate and reward.  The teachers have devised the different activities for each different age group and full details of the activities will be provided.

There’s no sponsorship involved and, other than reading, the pupils will have no other homework during their maths workout.

The most important part is to get those maths brains active and have some numbers fun.  Please take a part in the workout, working with your child as they complete the activities (race against them, challenge them?!), it’d be great to see as many families as possible get involved.  Some maths websites are listed below with lots of information and other activities for your child (and you!)

So, on your marks, get set, count…….!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Lisa Lumby

Websites:Together We Count section of the Primary School website: