School Session Dates 2023-2024

PDF version (calendar format): 2023-2024




(Approved by Education Committee on 23 November 2021)

These dates apply to staff working in Secondary and Primary Schools and those working in Term Time only Nursery Settings. For those Early Years’ staff working in 48 week nursery settings, the openings and staff working dates will be provided separately.


Staff In-service Day 1 – Monday 14 August 2023

Staff In-service Day 2 – Tuesday 15 August 2023

Pupils Resume – Wednesday 16 August 2023

Autumn Holiday (schools closed) – Friday 15 September 2023

Autumn Holiday (schools closed – Monday 18 September 2023

All Return – Tuesday 19 September 2023

All Break Friday – 13 October 2023

Staff In-service Day 3 – Monday 23 October 2023

Pupils Resume – Tuesday 24 October 2023

Term Ends – Friday 22 December 2023

  • Term 1 = 85 pupil days
  • Term 1 = 88 staff days


All Resume – Monday 8 January 2024

All Break – Friday 9 February 2024

Staff In-service Day 4 – Monday 19 February 2024

Pupils Resume – Tuesday 20 February 2023

All Break – Thursday 28 March 2024

Good Friday – 29 March 2024

Easter Monday – 1 April 2024

  • Term 2 = 53 pupil days
  • Term 2 = 54 staff days


All Resume (Staff and Pupils) – Tuesday 16 April 2024

May Day (Schools closed) – Monday 6 May 2024

All Resume – Tuesday 7 May 2024

Staff In-Service Day 5 (pupil holiday) – Monday 20 May 2024

Pupils Resume – Tuesday 21 May 2024

Term Ends – Friday 28 June 2024

  • Terms 3 = 52 pupil days
  • Terms 3 = 53 staff days

School Session Dates 2022-2023

PDF version (calendar format): 2022-2023




(Approved by Education Committee 23 November 2021)

These dates apply to staff working in Secondary and Primary Schools and those working in Term Time only Nursery Settings. For those Early Years’ staff working in 48 week nursery settings, the openings and staff working dates will be provided separately.


Staff In-service Day 1 – Monday 15 August 2022

Staff In-service Day 2 – Tuesday 16 August 2022

Pupils Resume – Wednesday 17 August 2022

Autumn Holiday (schools closed) – Friday 16 September 2022

Autumn Holiday (schools closed) – Monday 19 September 2022

All Return – Tuesday 20 September 2022

All Break – Friday 14 October 2022

Staff In-service Day 3 – Monday 24 October 2022

Pupils Resume – Tuesday 25 October 2022

Term Ends – Tuesday 20 December 2022

  • Term 1 = 82 pupil days
  • Term 1 = 85 staff days


All Resume – Wednesday 4 January 2023

All Break – Friday 10 February 2023

Staff In-service Day 4 – Monday 20 February 2023

Pupils Resume – Tuesday 21 February 2023

All Break – Friday 31 March 2023

  • Good Friday – 7 April 2023
  • Easter Monday – 10 April 2023
  • Term 2 = 57 pupil days
  • Term 2 = 58 staff days


All Resume (Staff and Pupils) – Monday 17 April 2023

May Day (Schools closed) – Monday 1 May 2023

All Resume – Tuesday 2 May 2023

Staff In-Service Day 5 – (pupil holiday) – Monday 22 May 2023

Pupils Resume – Tuesday 23 May 2023

Term Ends – Wednesday 28 June 2023

  • Terms 3 = 51 pupil days
  • Terms 3 = 52 staff days

Parent consultation on DPPC website

Thank you to all parents who contributed to our recent DPPC Facebook poll consultation about what they would most like the DPPC website to provide when we give it a refresh in the coming months.

There were some clear indicators of what parents would find useful, including:

  • An up-to-date and active school term and key dates calendar
  • Additional activities and events calendar
  • Social media links and feeds
  • Class rep contact details

Some of the lesser voted items we believe are important to have available on the website should they need to be accessed, but not primarily what a parent might visit the site for. We’re thinking a ‘less is more’ with the overall look will be better for parents to navigate.

Any parents who are not on Facebook can email any suggestions to

If you are on Facebook but not yet joined the Dunbar Primary Parent Council Group, please click here and send a join request.

DPS Santa Run 2021

This year’s Dunbar Primary School Santa Run is taking place across Monday 6th December – Friday 10th December 2021 (weather permitting!)

All years P1-P7 are running as many laps as possible round their school playground.

Sponsorship is optional but please note all funds raised for the Parent Council go to supporting and aiding our children’s learning.

Any amount is a good amount so please do what you can – every penny counts! The last 2 years this event has run have been fantastic, and a great fundraiser, enjoyed by everyone. A good run around is exactly what everyone needs at that time of year!

IMPORTANT: Please do not take photography of the children running – photos will be taken by the school – many thanks.

Ways to donate:

Sponsorship can either be per lap or a total amount – it’s up to you.

  1. School Pay is set up to accept Santa Run sponsorship – go to the charity section.
  2. Or please hand in any money in a sealed envelope to the class teacher by Friday 10th December who will have a box ready in the classroom. Teachers cannot handle money directly so it must be handed in securely.

This is happening during school hours and should coincide during one of your child’s sports lessons so all you need to remember is a Christmas themed hat and some festive cheer. Bells will be ringing and Christmas music will jingling.


The next Parent Council meeting will be held online on Tuesday 7th December at 7pm.  The Agenda and Minutes of the previous meeting can be found below:-
Parent Council meetings are open to everyone.  Please e-mail
if you would like to attend.

Communities asked to contribute to ELC’s Learning Estate Review

East Lothian Council have launched the website for their Learning Estate Review:

The website has information on an individual school, cluster and county basis including condition, suitability and capacity. There are also details on the context of the pre-consultation and the next steps.

After reading the information, communities can share their views by:

The pre-consultation will close on 10 December.

ELC would be grateful if community members could take the time to contribute to the pre-consultation to ensure they receive as wide a range of views as possible.

A separate consultation is being held for learners and details have been shared with Head Teachers.

ELC thank you in advance for your engagement with this important issue.

2022 Dunbar Primary School Calendars

School calendars for 2022 on sale now!

£6 for one or 2 for £10

Calendars can be ordered on School Pay or can be purchased in person at the school gates on certain dates – look out for announcements about when and where on the DPPC Facebook Group. (Please bring exact cash if you can please as it is difficult to manage giving change).

Thank you to Laura Smith for organising this year’s calendar!

Dunbar Primary School Uniform Recycling

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle!

Help us all make the most of school uniforms by donating and reusing with our Uniform Recycling Bank.

With the environment very much in our minds at the moment, this initiative is supporting us all to reduce waste and reuse clothes that their first owners have grown out of.

Donations of clothes can be sent in with the children and collected by the office at either campus. Uniform items are free and Anna Carpico and her team sort them and get the rails out for browsing when they can but you can also contact her direct to request any specific items at:

DPPC Pumpkin Carving Contest 2021 Winners!

Thanks to all who took part in the 2021 DPPC Pumpkin Carving Contest! We hope you all had a wonderful and fun Halloween!

There were some fantastic submissions with a wide variety of styles including wonderful painted pumpkins, clever use of candles, added fake blood for effect, companion costumes, and of course great artistry and creative concepts! The submissions are viewable here:

And the winners are!

Category 1 – SCARIEST

Winner: Maddie Hill P3C for “My Vampire Cat”

Category 2 -FUNNIEST

Winner: Jamie Baglow P1F for “Jamie B”

Category 3 – MOST UNUSUAL

Winner: Bobby Burnside P3A for “My Unexpected Melting Pumpkin”

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all who created a pumpkin and shared it with us to see!

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