Parent Council Meeting – Monday 1st June, 7-9pm, John Muir Campus

The next Parent Council Meeting will be held on Monday 1st June at John Muir Campus, school library at 7:00 – 9:00pm – All welcome!

Please see Agenda below

Parent Council Meeting


Monday 1 June 2015, 7-9pm

John Muir Campus School Library


  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Apologies
  • Approve minutes for Apr 2015

7.05 – 7.20

Head Teacher update


Ø  Monthly update


7.20 – 7.25

Finances update (Margaret Brown)


7.25 – 7.35


Ø  School Fair (Tracy Gillespie)




Ø  Ceilidh (Sarah Horsburgh)





Ø  Communications Group update (Tracy Gillespie)



7.35 – 7.40

Office bearers – Term 2015/16

Ø  Chair

Ø  Vice-chair


7.45 – 8.00

Any other business


It’s your AGENDA so please let us know if there is anything that you like raised at this or future meetings – email the Committee:

Co-Chair: Tracy Gillespie (


Vice Chairs: Lisa Lumby (

Sarah Horsburgh (

Treasurer: Margaret Brown


Next meeting date:




Tuesday 1 September 2015 AGM




Partnership with school:

School Fair (May)

Parent Council:

Ladies Night (November)


Christmas Cards

Toy Sale (November/December)



Lottery (rested)


Ceilidh (TBC)


School with Parent Council funding/input



School grounds e.g. murals, games (ongoing)


Dunbar Reads Aloud (coming 2015!)


Bug-busting (throughout year)


Gardening club (ongoing)


Keeping Parents Informed


Artist in residence


Lots of others…….!