This group focuses on activities such as:

  • Creating & selling school calendars, Christmas cards and hampers
  • Organising and running parent and family events like Ladies Night, Toy Sale, Ceilidh, SciFest and the School Fair
  • Supporting the delivery of pupil events like the Halloween Disco and Readathon
  • Organising and running practical events like school uniform, sports kits, lost property sales
  • Parent Council bank account management: agree a minimum and maximum amount, agree a seed fund for event set-up costs, use a termly wish list produced by head teacher to plan expenditure. Find out what pupils want (2 stars & 1 wish), agree a long-term e.g. 3 year savings plan for major items e.g. playground equipment; change bank and get CostCo membership
  • Ensure that the wider parent forum understands what each fundraising activity is raising funds specifically for and produce an annual report, presented at the AGM and on the PC website, supported by pictures of the items purchased by the school with Parent Council funds.

Fundraising 2011-12

These are just proposals and the full programme could only be undertaken in one year IF the Fundraising Group has a large enough membership, within which specific smaller groups could take organising individual events.  Ideally for every event, a ‘How do to manual’ will be created or collated, that would be built upon annually, as this would make the organisers’ jobs much, much easier each year.

Autumn Term 2011

  • August & September: Create school Calendars (Sold October – December)
  • August & September: School uniform and sports kits Sale
  • September: Wider Parent Forum social event e.g. Friday coffee morning  or Evening drinks
  • September – October: Fruit (& veg’) Fridays to sell fruit grown by parents & Dunbar Allotments (Link with Sustaining Dunbar & Allotments)
  • October: Create School Christmas cards (Sold November & December)
  • October: Halloween storytelling event (support school disco, run by Pupil Council, link with Scottish International Storytelling Festival)
  • November & December: Sell School Calendars and School Christmas Cards
  • December:  Ladies Night
  • November & December: Toy Sale
  • November & December: Make up Christmas Hampers (e.g. 1 per class or year) and sell raffle tickets

Winter term 2012

  • January: Wider Parent Forum social event e.g. Friday coffee morning  or Evening drinks
  • February: Artist in Residence
  • February: Ceilidh (Fundraiser for Saturday Science Club)
  • 10th& 11th March: SciFest weekend
  • March: Readathon week

Spring term 2012

  • April: Wider Parent Forum social event e.g. Friday coffee morning  or Evening drinks
  • May: NEW Dad’s event such as a Dad’s only event e.g. Race Night OR with kids e.g. Dunbar Olympic Games!
  • May: Healthy Living Week
  • June: School Fair
  • June: School uniform and sports kits Sale

How did Parent Council funds support the school in 2010-11?

One of the ways that the Parent Council helps the school is by fundraising and donating funds to the school to buy equipment that otherwise could not be purchased. In the last school year, the school spent over £6,000 of Parent Council funds on a wide variety of items, including interactive whiteboards, video cameras and cameras, playground equipment and toys, picnic benches, models of castles and Lego for P3 projects, arts and crafts materials, bowling mats, wet weather all-in-one suits for Nursery, gym bags, water bottles, National Trust School Membership, and contributed towards the costs of riding for the disabled, buses used for school trips, the P7 leaving party and costs of Group Calls texts as well buying ice creams for pupils at the end of the summer term.

Over £2,000 of funds raised by the last Ladies Night was spent on IT and Special Needs equipment. Much of the £11,000 funds raised by Readathon have been spent purchasing books for the libraries on both campuses, as funds to buy Library books are not provided by the Council. More money is available for this school year to buy new equipment that’s required due to the opening of the new campus at Lochend.