Sustained Shared Thinking

During our literacy course, 10th August, we discussed the importance of Sustained Shared Thinking and how it links with our interactions  to support  extending vocabulary in our settings.

Can you answer this practitioner quiz?

  1. How many individuals are needed to contribute for Sustained Shared Thinking to happen?
  2. In your own words, write a definition of what Sustained Shared Thinking means to you?
  3. Name five factors in the role of the adult in Sustained Shared Thinking.
  4. Give three benefits of using Sustained Shared Thinking.
  5. What does metacognition mean?
  6. What two types of environment are needed for Sustained Shared Thinking to happen?
  7. List three things that you need to be a good active listener?
  8. How would you adapt your approach to  Sustained Shared Thinking when working with different age groups?

Want to participate in reading on Sustained Shared Thinking there are some suggestions below.

Please feel free to highlight any good reading or articles that you have read.