Risk Assessing with Learners

The children at Cockenzie Nursery are encourage to risk assess areas with support from staff.  They decide what the risks may be, how they can be avoided and create a risk assessment document.

The risk assessments give the children ownership and should be displayed in the specified area of nursery.   Practitioners refer to the rules during play and very quickly the children will begin to use them with their peers and encourage them to stay safe.

Following a risk assessment to keep ourselves safe is easier than following rules!

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Risk Assessment

Snack at Ormiston Nursery

Interesting Practice from Ormiston Nursery

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The children use this folder regularly for,

  • setting the snack menu for the day
  • helping to make informed healthy choices
  • creating a shopping list
  • information handling

This practice is based on, “Setting the Table” document, available in the guidance section of this website.  Templates to create a similar snack folder  are available on request  mailto:fmcneill@eastlothian.gov.uk

Interesting Practice

We all love to look at examples of nursery practice, but sometimes the opportunity to visit other nurseries is not always available.

This is an ideal place to share your own ideas or ideas you have from other places,  with permission of course.

Below is interesting practice from Pear Tree  Meadowpark in Haddington.  Click on the links to view, you may have to save before you can view.

Interesting Practice PTMP September 18 part 1

Interesting Practice PTMP September 18 part 2