P4 Titanic

P4 got stuck in to their new topic today and raised Titanic from her watery grave.

They received a TOP SECRET letter asking them to build the Titanic.

We needed to work in a team to recreate our section of the ship; researching and designing altogether. We took on a role and responsibility and problem solved to create a spectacular image of ‘The Unsinkable Ship’.

I wonder what our next mission will be…

P6 update on our learning by P6 pupils


On the 25th of January we learnt about brains and Neurons. Only the most amazing microscopes can see them.

On the 18th we stared the 500  word challenge and hopefully we will start typing them up on the 30th of January

On the 25th of January Sally from Field to Fork came to visit us and Sally told us how to make porridge and museli  she also said all about how important it is to eat breakfast and it will make us happier plus it is good for our waist!

Over the last week we’ve started fractions and yersterday we started adding and subtracting fractions.

We also learnt about buckets not your ordinary bucket but an invisible bucket to keep your feelings in and if your kind you fill a bucket and if you are a bully your dip into buckets.

HWB aka health and well being this week we learned lots of stuff about the human body which was fun so we learnt where all the organs go in the body.

P6 decorated t-shirts to do with our project on the human body. We used a piece of paper to put under the t-shirt to use as a stencil to draw round our organs and then added details and colour to them.

We are reading the novel Wonder by R J Palacio in class  and we all came up with a precept like the ones in the book. We designed a face with a precept for life on the bottom.

We also did the Vitruvian man and we measured ourselves and worked together to see if we were in proportion.

P6 had a visit from the dog trust we learnt how to be safe around dogs and how to take care of them, they also showed us pictures of dogs they have helped.

By Ailey, Findlay, Abbi, Ellie, Heidi and Felix

Busy Time In Primary 5

Primary 5 have been learning how the church played an important part in Victorian times. They made beautiful press prints based on churches. The finished results will be uploaded soon……watch this space!
They also enjoyed a visit from the Dog Trust sharing with them how to be responsible owners and care for their dogs.
Two ladies from ABEL also came to talk to the children about respect for themselves and others.

Primary 5 on PhotoPeach

P3 Information Handling

In maths we have been looking at information handling. We have looked at Venn diagrams, bar graphs, tally charts & tree diagrams. Today we had great fun, using SMARTIES! Miss Ross set us a smartie challenge, we had to work with a partner to count and sort out smarties into categories, then we had to make a tally chart and a bar graph to show our results. We showed we can collect data, put it into our graphs and then interpret and explain the results. The we got to eat them!!!



School Meals – Important Information

Is your child eligible for free school meals, and if so, have you registered?
Schools receive additional funding of £1,200 from the Scottish Government for every pupil in P1 to S3 who is registered for free school meals. This is called Pupil Equity Funding, and schools use this additional money to help fund a wide range of initiatives to support achievement and provide the best possible opportunities for children’s learning.
How do I know if my child is eligible for free school meals?
Please visit our website www.eastlothian.gov.uk  to check your eligibility and download an application form.
Even if your child does not wish to take up the option of having a free school meal every day, we would encourage you to register so that your child’s school will receive the Pupil Equity Funding allowance to support their learning.

It’s now so easy to find activities for young people with additional support needs!

Are you ready to Get Connected?

Get Connected is a website that helps you find local sport, art and youth groups in East Lothian.

  • Find accessible activities on the Get Connected MAP
  • Watch VIDEOS of what local kids have been up to
  • Meet your ‘Get Connected’ CHAMPIONS which are organisations that champion inclusion in your community

Get started and find loads of fun activities today!

We also have a Facebook and Twitter where we upload loads of useful info too.

If you do any cool activities already, let us know with the #getconnectedELC hashtag! We’d love to share your pics and videos.



P7 attend their first transition day in Dunbar

Primary 7 met with the other children who they will join in High School next year, at Lochend Campus. They spoke also spoke with high school teachers and pupils about their hopes and fears for next year. Mr Aitken will be working with the Dunbar maths department and other Primary 7 teachers across the cluster to ensure a smooth transition. Everyone came back with smiles and stories, and they all seem very positive about next year after today.

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