Charity Event this weekend!

Come and support one of our wonderful P3 pupils at his Bake Sale tomorrow 11-2pm at Hardie Terrace East Linton!

P7 café in the park

The Cherry on Top 

Our café is a school project that we are taking very seriously because we would love to serve our customers with delicious delights. We hope that you enjoy lots of our food and drinks that we will make for you.

Our café will be opening on Friday the 13th of May for one hour after school. If you would like to come to our café called, ‘The Cherry on Top,’ it will be open for children and adults. When coming to The Cherry on Top we will try to be as friendly as possible for all of the children and adults.


Please bring small change to buy your food and drink. 

Tea  or coffee – £1.00 

Hot chocolate – £1.25 (add cream and marshmallows for an extra 25p!)

Fruit juice – 80p 

Lemonade – £1.00 

Sandwiches – 50p for a half (ham, cheese, cucumber, salami or jam)

Crisps – 50p

Salad – 80p 

Cookies – 75p each or 3 for £1.50 

Vegan banana bread – £1.00


50% of our profit will go to charity. The charity that we will be donating to will go to Ukraine because of the situation they are in. We are trying to be really supportive about Ukraine in class and at home.

Meet our House Captains and Vice Captains!

Meet 2021/2022’s House and Vice Captains:
House Captain: Sandy 
Vice Captains: Peter and Bau
House Captain: Spence
Vice Captain: Sarah
House Captain: Noah
Vice Captain: Eve
House Captain: Mhairi
Vice Captain: Lawrie
At ELPS our House and Vice Captains wrote and presented persuasive speeches at a whole school virtual assembly. After this, each pupil was given the chance to vote of the Captain and Vice Captain of their house.
The duties of our House and Vice Captains are:
  • Meet regularly with the Head Teacher to discuss important school decisions.
  • Organise fundraising and charitable activities in the school.
  • Listen to other learner in their house and take back questions and suggestions to the Head Teacher.
  • Support their house on Sport’s Day.

Meet our JRSOs!

This year our Primary 7 JRSOs are:

Spence and Oscar 


JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officer!

At East Linton Primary we have two JRSOs who help raise road safety awareness and promote road safety issues to everyone in the school and the wider community. Here are just some of the activities JRSOs can get involved in:

  • Talk at assemblies and to classes on road safety topics
  • Run competitions in the school, get prizes for the winners and hand out merit certificates
  • Use the website
  • Get involved in organising safe and active travel activities.


East Linton Primary is  a Rights Respecting School.

There are four key areas of impact for children at a Rights Respecting school; wellbeing, participation, relationships and self-esteem.

The difference that a Rights Respecting School makes goes beyond the school gates, making a positive impact on the whole community.

  • Children are healthier and happier
  • Children feel safe
  • Children have better relationships
  • Children become active and involved in school life and the wider world

As a school, we are renewing our Bronze Award and have prioritised the teaching of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in our School Improvement Plan.

We are going to be engaging with the UNCRC closely in January and February so keep an eye out on Twitter and the Website for all of our learning and ask us about what we learn at home too!

Find out about the RRSA journey and read the UNCRC below:

Getting to Gold!

UNCRC in Child-Friendly Language

Update on P4 learning

We are learning about circuits, we learnt about the symbols we use to draw circuits and had a go at making human circuits in groups. We thought about what would stop our circuits from working and how to sort those problems.
We are using our IT skills to try some online shopping, looking to find the best prices and hopefully grab a bargain.
We have been putting our grid reference and coordinate learning to good use, we used a map to find places, work out distances and plan routes.
We have been working on character and setting in our writing, we made triaramas to create our own settings we will be adding characters and will use these to inspire our descriptive writing.
Busy days in P4!