Parental Engagement Strategy

The Parental Engagement Strategy was launched in 2017 and aims to ensure that all Parents/Carers are encouraged and supported to engage as partners in their children’s learning, and to become involved in the life of the school.  The strategy also ensures that it can continue to build on good practice and create further opportunities for our parents and schools to work together.  There are 6 strands to the strategy and we are seeking responses to evaluate the impact of each of them.  The Full strategy document is available at Parental Engagement Strategy | Parental Involvement | East Lothian Council.

Parental Engagement Strategy – Questions for Parents:

Parents only need to complete one survey if they have multiple children at your school, but will need to complete more than one survey for children at different schools.

P2 Learning Blog – 27.1.23

Written/Spoken by P2:

In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. Some names are cube, cylinder, spheres and cone.

In literacy we have been reading books at the library, we have been writing about castle jobs, and our spelling pattern is ck.

In our IDL topic we have been learning about making Scottish bread and making castles from paper using collage.

In music with Miss Fletcher we have been singing Scottish music and we were also watching a film about a boy and a bunnen and a troll and the cat and the gran.

In health and wellbeing we have been learning about personal space. It is if someone is in your space and you might ask them to take a step away.

In ICT we have been drawing shapes on Jamboard.

P2 Learning Blog – 20.1.23

Written by P2:

In ICT we have been sending our work to Mrs Lockhart-Ross using the share button.

Our topic is Scottish Castles. We have been learning about arrow loops, moats and drawbridges.

In numeracy we have been skip counting in 2s and 3s.

In literacy we have been using Fred Fingers for reading and writing.

In maths we have been drawing shapes and seeing if they fit together.

In music with Miss Fletcher we were singing ‘You canny shove your granny off a bus’!

Written by Mrs Lockhart-Ross:

Primary 2 have been very busy this week starting lots of new learning. In addition to above, we have been exploring non-fiction books and beginning to write facts and opinions. The writing has been tricky but it is something we are going to keep working on. We have been labelling parts of a castle as part of our topic and in ICT we can now log on independently, type on Google Docs (changing font, colour and other fancy things) and now send our work to the teacher. We are also really enjoying our class novel ‘The Water Horse’ by Dick King Smith.


Clothes Swap Fundraiser was a huge success!

17th November 2022
The Parent Council organised a clothes swapping fundraiser for East Linton Primary School,which raised a total of £724. The event took place on 17th November, 730 –10 p.m., at the Mart East Linton.
Raffle prizes were generously donated by:
• Bostock Bakery – tote bag
• Jo’s Kitchen – 6x frozen meals
• Linton Butchers – £20 voucher
• Mirror – Good bag of products
• Night Owl Books – £25 voucher
• Phantassie Fruit & Veg – £25 voucher
• Tropic Skincare – 2x hampers
• Various bottles of wines and Prosecco
The event took place to raise funds for each class and nursery to have a Christmas party,plus improvements to the school playground.
Funds were raised by people purchasing quality second hand clothes that had been kindly given by people throughout the local community. This encouraged  clothes to be reused rather than buying new and saved a lot of clothes from going to landfill.
Heather McDonald was also present selling Tropic Skincare products, the proceeds from which contributed to the overall total.
Surplus clothes from the event were donated to Kids Love Clothes, the rag bag bin, and local charity shops, along with the nursery for families that need extra support.
Huge thank thanks to everyone who got involved.

Urgent Message for Families about Industrial Action Thursday 24th November

16 November 2022
Dear Parents and Carers
As you know, strike action has been declared by the Educational Institute of Scotland
(EIS) and the Association of Head Teachers and Deputes Scotland (AHDS) on 24
November 2022.
All services affected have discussed the impact that this action would have on the
health and safety of our children and young people given that there will be a
significantly reduced number of teaching staff, including those in leadership positions
in our schools and Early Learning and Childcare settings.
I am very aware of the disruption caused by any decisions involving closure of our
school buildings, so wish to give you notice of the following for 24 November:
 all East Lothian Council schools and Early Learning and Childcare settings will
be closed to all children and young people for learning
 lets in schools for breakfast, after school and sports clubs can continue
 school crossing patrols will not be operational
 all ASN and Home to School transport will not operate
 a BACs payment will be made for those children and young people who qualify
for a free school meal under the income threshold
I know that this action will mean disruption to learning, and that our families will have
to make alternative childcare arrangements on that day and it is regrettable that we
have had to make this decision, however ensuring the health and safety of our children
and young people must take priority.
While the formal notification from the EIS and the AHDS states the intention to strike
that day, there remains a possibility that ongoing pay negotiations may mean that the
strike is called off. I will keep you informed of any further developments and
arrangements via our website and your child’s school.
Yours sincerely
Nicola McDowell
Head of Education

Charity Event this weekend!

Come and support one of our wonderful P3 pupils at his Bake Sale tomorrow 11-2pm at Hardie Terrace East Linton!

P7 café in the park

The Cherry on Top 

Our café is a school project that we are taking very seriously because we would love to serve our customers with delicious delights. We hope that you enjoy lots of our food and drinks that we will make for you.

Our café will be opening on Friday the 13th of May for one hour after school. If you would like to come to our café called, ‘The Cherry on Top,’ it will be open for children and adults. When coming to The Cherry on Top we will try to be as friendly as possible for all of the children and adults.


Please bring small change to buy your food and drink. 

Tea  or coffee – £1.00 

Hot chocolate – £1.25 (add cream and marshmallows for an extra 25p!)

Fruit juice – 80p 

Lemonade – £1.00 

Sandwiches – 50p for a half (ham, cheese, cucumber, salami or jam)

Crisps – 50p

Salad – 80p 

Cookies – 75p each or 3 for £1.50 

Vegan banana bread – £1.00


50% of our profit will go to charity. The charity that we will be donating to will go to Ukraine because of the situation they are in. We are trying to be really supportive about Ukraine in class and at home.