5 thoughts on “P7 Assembly”

  1. The rap was really good welldone to every one in P7 and a hug thank you to our wonderful teacher…. Miss Wallace!!!

  2. I hope everyone did enjoy our assembly!!
    I really liked planning it and making up the rap with the rest of the class. School camp was AMAZING! I did feel a bit homesick at times but my friends cheered me up and the activities took my mind off of it!! Miss Wallace helped me aswell and she really encouraged me to do different things. I think I would have regreted not going to camp and I look back on it with happy thoughts.

    Thanks Miss Wallace!

  3. It was a fantastic assembly, I thought the powerpoints made it interesting. Special mention to Callum for leading th erap…so brave and well remembered!
    Camp sounded like an experience of a life time!

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