We are always very eager to encourage our children to be confident individuals and this has been very much proved this year already, by pupil committee representatives presenting information to parents, other committees and members of the public, both at meetings in School AND in the Community…… AND out of school hours!


Our Fairtrade reps addressed a packed hall at a Co-op Members Evening, held in the Village, by showing them an excellent powerpoint presentation they had specially created, to tell everybody what we have done so far here, at East Linton Primary School, to raise awareness about Fairtrade. They were given a great reception by business managers, invited guests and other members of the community.



Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) most professionally addressed The Parent Council on Tuesday night. With the ongoing help of Zoe McCarthy (thank you, Zoe!), the boys have been continuing to plan activities to encourage Road Safety etc. throughout the School and requested financial help to promote this (and, as usual, The Parent Council was very generous……. thank you!)

Well done and congratulations boys! You were a credit to the School!



  1. Well done indeed !I am very proud of the way our pupils confidently speak about important issues within our community. Total stars !

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