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SAM_0023 SAM_0024 SAM_0025 SAM_0026 SAM_0027 SAM_0028 SAM_0038 SAM_0039 SAM_0042 SAM_0043 SAM_0045 SAM_0046 SAM_0054 SAM_0055We have been learning our number stories to 5 for maths in P1.  We are all becoming much more confident about finding the number partners to 5 and getting really fast at recalling the number facts.  We have been using our number tunnel to help us work out our number stories and then recording them on our whiteboards.

We have also had an interactive workshop from the Museum of Flight.  We found out about flying around the world, we visited lots of different countries and found out interesting facts about them and then we made our own planes.

Now that we are all becoming such fabulous readers we enjoy sharing our reading books with our class mates.  We spend time each week reading our new reading books to our class reading partners it is a great way to build on our reading skills.


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  1. wow P1you are doing so well just now! I have loved seeing your map work and stories recently too .Stars!!!! Mrs G 🙂

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