The Giant Walking Bus is Back!

**News Flash **
East Linton Primary School will participate in this year’s National Giant Walking Bus on Wednesday June 11th 2014, intended to make the children and community more aware of road safety and road awareness. Last year’s efforts saw over 120 pupils taking part along with a number of parents, carers and community participants.
Organised by this year’s Junior Road Safety Officers Jack Forsyth and Eloise Gray, they are hoping to have an even larger turnout so PLEASE JOIN IN and be part of the Giant Walking bus which starts at the top of Dunpender Road at 08.20am winding its way down Rennie Place, Longstone Ave, the Park, Bank Road, School Road and ending at the School around 08.50hrs. Each new street will have stopping points for children to join from all areas of the village.
A local News Reporter will be there to photograph the occasion! 
Come on JOIN IN – Be more Road Aware and make our streets safer for walking and cycling!