Lots happening in P1



SAM_0336 SAM_0337 SAM_0333 SAM_0344 SAM_0347 SAM_0350 SAM_0351 SAM_0352 SAM_0353 SAM_0357 SAM_0358 SAM_0359We have had a lot happening in P1 over the last few weeks.  We had a tennis taster to learn some tennis skills just in time for Wimbledon!!  We have harvested our potatoes and did some detailed drawing in the courtyard of plants and flowers.  We also had a drama workshop, we made up exciting stories in far away enchanted lands.  This week we have been focusing on healthy eating.  We read the story Oliver’s Vegetables and then  we tasted lots of yummy veg in class.  We all tasted something we had not had before.  We also made some plates of healthy food to show the veg we liked best.