What we have been learning so far in P1

We have had a busy start to P1, learning sounds and numbers everyday.  So for the last few days we have had a little bit of a break to make sure we are remembering everything we have learnt so far.  We have been practising all the sounds we have been learning, all 18 of them, we have been trying to blend them to make100_4059 100_4060 100_4061 100_4062 100_4063 100_4064 100_4065 words.  We have also been using our numbers, recording them on our whiteboards and putting them in the correct order.  What a great job P1 well done!!

One thought on “What we have been learning so far in P1”

  1. You have all worked so hard in P1 and have learnt so much! Your words and numbers look great. Well done 🙂
    From Amelie’s mum

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