Winter in P1 brrrrrr!

Winter has well and truly arrived in P1 this week.  We have started our mini topic on Winter and this week we had a big focus on snowmen.  We read and watched the DVD of Raymond Briggs The Snowman which left us feeling a bit sad at then end!  We then made some snowmen but with a bit of a difference, we made snowmen from a bird’s eye perspective and spiral snowmen.  We have also been using snowmen to help us with our take away sums, we made snowmen handprints to help us calculate the answers.

We had a visit from a snowman on Wednesday, he took up residence in our water tray.  We spent the day observing him and watching the changes take place before our eyes, he went from a solid to a liquid and then we boiled what was left of him in the kettle to see the steam too!!  We made illustrations of our observations and used some key words to write our science reports on the life cycle of a snowman.  Brrrrrrrilliant work P1!