Maths in P1

P1 have been very busy over the last week learning lots of new maths.  We have been collecting data about our favourite toys and learning different ways to display it, we made a pictograph, we discovered how to use a tally mark to record data andthen used this information to  make bar charts.

We have also been learning about money, we have opened a shop and a bank in class and have been sorting money.

We spent a morning out and about looking for numbers in the environment we could hardly believe how many we found.  There were numbers everywhere telling us lots of different information.  We took lots of photographs and then found out what they all meant.  We then made our own posters with numbers which are important to us.

Wow that’s a lot of maths!!!!


2 thoughts on “Maths in P1”

  1. The maths they have done looks great – just wondering if Isla really is 135cms? Should I call the Guiness Book of Records?!

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