Lots of learning in P1

P1 have been keeping busy over the last couple of weeks.

We have been continuing to go through our letter sounds and practice writing our letters in different ways. We have also been building words on our word snakes and practicing blending sounds together to make words. We are enjoying working in our reading groups and have shared different stories and fact books.

In maths we have been practicing adding together two collections of objects and we have been enjoying playing different games with a partner. Miss Reeves is very impressed by how well we are working together.

We have enjoyed meeting our music and PE specialists and had lots of fun singing songs and balancing in different ways in the gym hall. Last week we learnt about how our tongues help us to taste and tried different foods that were sweet, sour, savoury, bitter and salty. Not many of us enjoyed the sour lemon! This week we had fun painting with different things to try and create different textures.

Here are some photos of us busy at work.

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