Hello. Primary 3

Hello primary 3,

Hope you are all staying cosy & really sad we are missing World Book Day as was looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous costumes, maybe we can ask Mrs G if we can do it another day.

Can you,

Read?, it’s still World Book Day so wear your costume & read your book.

Spelling, spell your words in the snow & bring in a picture.

Maths, can you practice giving change from £1 & seeing if you can recognise & add with a selection of coins to £1. You could also write your tables in the snow!

Topic, look at some Scottish artists & see if you could copy their style.  See if you could research some famous bridges in Scotland, where are they, when & how were they built?

Write an adventure story about what happened in the snow!!!! It could even be a comic strip.

Also get out & have fun in the snow & bring in some pictures when we get back, enjoy making some great snowy memories.☃️

Stay cosy & warm & hope to see you all soon. ☃️❄️

Love Miss Ross & Mrs Peck xx