P3 Snow Day Quiz about Bridges

Hi Primary 3,

We hope you are enjoying the snow!

Here is a quiz for you all about bridges – our new topic. See if you can find out the answers. You could post any answers that you get in the comments and we will check back to see if anyone has managed to figure them out.

  1. How long did it take to build the first iron bridge?
  2. What year was the Forth Rail Bridge built?
  3. What funny name is sometimes used for the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
  4. When the Golden Gate Bridge was built, what two world records did it win?
  5. Where is the current longest bridge in the world and how long is it?
  6. Why was the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk built?
  7. Can you find out the name of one of the amazing bridges that Santiago Calatrava built?
  8. Would you walk across the Zhangjiajie Bridge in China? Tell us why / why not!

You don’t have to find out all of the answers. Post any answers that you can.

Have a great day,

Mrs Peck and Miss Ross

4 thoughts on “P3 Snow Day Quiz about Bridges”

  1. Super research, Rory. I’ve seen your answers to the quiz today and you’ve done great work finding out the facts. 🙂

  2. Great research, Aidan. Thanks for taking part in the quiz 🙂
    I have the first iron bridge as taking only 8 weeks to build so we must compare which bridges we are counting as the first iron bridge to see if we are thinking about the same one.
    Super work finding out all of these answers 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs Peck, I used google to help me with the answers.

    1. 1yr, 8 months
    2. Started 1882, ended 1889
    3. The coathanger
    4. The longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world
    5. China 102.4 miles
    6. To protect the tingle trees from human impact
    7. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
    8. No I would not walk across it as it’s glass-bottomed


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