P6 snow day

Hi P6, due to the unusual weather we have another day at home.  I’m sure you will be keeping busy anyway but just a reminder of some other things you could be up to:

you could continue to work on your homework project

we will extend the deadline for World Book Day photos to Thursday 8th March so you still have time to enter to win the handmade Harry Potter wand.

Maths – we have been working on graphs and data collection so you could keep a note of the temperature throughout the day and record it in a line graph

Remember to read as it is World Book Day but also get out and enjoy the snow it may be a long time till we have weather like this again so create some snow memories.

Enjoy, stay warm and safe, see you soon Mrs P

3 thoughts on “P6 snow day”

  1. That’s really cute that you and your son Andrew made a snowman together.
    Hope you are good and we are back in school again but I miss the snow xx

  2. Hi Tamsin
    I have been out to build a snowman with my son, Andrew, it’s been a long time since we have done that together. Hope you are enjoying yourself, you’ll be used to this after your trip to Finland. Keeps cosy and I’ll see you soon.
    Mrs Pentony

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