A quick update on P3

We have finished our project work on the Egyptians and we finished in style.  We presented our learning to the school with an Egyptian assembly and shared our learning with family and friends with an Egyptian open session.  The children displayed excellent presentation skills in their assembly and were great at teaching their adults all the skills they have learnt during our open session.

We have also been remembering the fallen with our remembrance work, we visited the War Memorial in the village to have an understanding of the impact WW1 and WW2 had on our village.

Jake has been educating us all about football players and teams by sharing his detailed work from home.

For Halloween we looked at the Day of the Dead festival and learned about the customs and traditions which surround it, we then made our own sugar skulls.

For anti-bullying week we talked about the importance of friendship and the qualities which make a good friend.  We then picked the five qualities which we think are most important and put them on a hand print and put them all together to make a friendship wreath.


7 thoughts on “A quick update on P3”

  1. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Erinn LOVED the Egyptian topic and assembly. It was great to be able to come visit the classroom and share in all that you were doing. Such a vibrant and exciting vibe from everyone well done all.

  2. Glad there are pictures of the assembly here to view – both Owen and Fin took a lot away from the presentation.

  3. It’s fantastic to see photographs of your assembly and all your beautiful art work. They all look fantastic. William LOVED telling us all about the Egyptians and it has gone down so far as “The BEST topic ever!” Well done p3 and Mrs Pentony.

  4. What a lovely update! Loved Jake’s authoritative presentation, and the kids’ day of the dead artwork looks amazing. Great to see so many enthusiastic dads at the Egyptian open session too!

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