P7’s WW1 Street Party

This week P7 have completed their topic of WW1. On Friday, we invited our parents to join us for a WW1 street party to celebrate the end of WW1. We shared our newspapers that we had wrote about the end of the war, our propaganda posters and our soldier portraits. We decorated the classroom in a street party style and made bunting, banners and party hats. We brought in some food to complete our party and played WW1 style games with our parents. We then got our parents to try our WW1 quiz on the laptops. Some questions were a bit tricky!

4 thoughts on “P7’s WW1 Street Party”

  1. Great effort P7 really enjoyed the party and the quiz was great fun. Thanks for the cake and making us all feel so welcome. Great artwork and newspaper stories!

  2. Awh these are fantastic. I’m sorry I missed it but Charlie’s Nana thought it was super. She thought all the children were really engaged in the topic and said the atmosphere reminded her of the when she was young and the street party they had at the end of the war (WII though she’s nto quite old enough for WWI)

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