P4 Getting Outdoors

P4 got outdoors today to take a look at the outdoor classroom we worked so hard on in P3.  Things are looking good if a little boggy with all the heavy rain this week.  We are needing to carry out some maintenance, remove dead plants, prune, weed, clean the pond, pick up the rubbish and top up the bug hotel.  We think we may have a hedgehog living in the hedgehog house, fingers crossed!  Lots to be done but we are keen to get out and maintain and improve this area.

2 Replies to “P4 Getting Outdoors”

  1. How exciting that there might be a hedgehog … wonder if we can borrow a camera trap from anywhere??? Good luck with the upcoming garden tidy 🙂

  2. Well done P4, the outdoor classroom is looking great! The hedgehogs obviously think so too : )

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