P3’s Learning Blog – 27.11.20

In money we learned that if you gave £1 and it was 50p the shopkeeper would give you 50p back in change. We also had to count a whole pot of money with just a piece of paper and a partner. (S)

In ICT we were working in groups and we had a topic (toys) and finding out about the old and new ones! (LB)

We have bee doing PE and we have been doing orienteering in PE. We have been making obstacles and completing them. (ET)

In poetry we learned that it can have a rhyme and it goes at the end of the line. We were writing rhymes about our new novel – The Christmasaurus. (HW)

We are learning about magnets. If you have a cup with paperclips inside you can get them out using a magnet because they are metal and the magnets is attracted to things that are mental. (SC)

At outdoor learning there was a letter and on the letter there was a number and we had to add the two numbers together which made a bigger number! (IC)

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