P3’s Reflective Blog – 23.4.21


In class we were reading Iron Man. We wrote diaries about being  Iron Man and also Hogarth. We have to include feelings and the date! (IC, ET, BY)


Division is the opposite of times tables. You can also use them in fact families. For example: 3 x 4 = 12. 12 / 3 = 4 and 12 / 4 = 3. Other strategies are grouping, sharing, number line and inverse! (SR, OM, LS)


We measured time using a calendar. The calendar has the first letter of the days of the week. We found and circled special days of the year. (VG, LB, MP)


We made a friendship tree to show how you know if someone is a friend or not. We also played a friendship game. There were two of the same objects in a bag, you pulled on out and then find the person that has the same object. Then you had to find something you had in common. (SW, HW, NG)

In P.E. we were throwing hoops to see who can throw them the furthest. We were skipping and running too and we were doing two-to-two jumps ten times! We have been working on our strength! (IP, ES, SC)


On the laptops we have been learning about the 5 oceans: Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Artic and Antartic oceans. We used Google Maps to find where they were on a map of the world. (ES, FC, EH).