East Linton is a traditional Victorian stone-built, single storey building surrounded by a walled play area. In 2004 it was extended to provide three further classrooms and a purpose built nursery. All areas of the school are accessible by wheelchair users. There are extensive playing areas to the rear and side of the main building. We have been serving the community since 1880.

How to find us:
We are at the end of School Road which is a ‘dead end’. In the interests of safety, cars are discouraged from driving up School Road and if coming by car we ask that you park on the High Street and walk up School Road. East Linton is served by local bus services and the nearest railway station is at Drem.

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  1. hi I love the school and I used to go to the nursery and I might post again as I still have 2 years till p7 so yeah… No Hate please
    <3 =)

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  3. Thanks for your comments about sports day – we will take this into consideration for next year. However, the children do like to watch their class mates compete and cheer them on, and this would not be possible with the format you suggest. Let’s hope for some more summer like weather in 2013!

  4. ENJOYED THE SPORTS DAY FOR THE PRIMARY1 and2s but wonder if it would keep the children occupied more if you ran the all the events at. The same time with groups of kids rotating round them.I know some of them looked cold waiting to do something

  5. Hello everyone at East Linton Primary School, I can remember being in Miss Downie’s class. Miss Malcolm, Miss Stewart, Mr Larsen and Mr Grieve were all excellent teachers and thanks to their teaching I was DUX of the school in 1952 and therefore Gala Queen that year.

  6. happy 6th birthday to racheal my bubby i hope you had a really good day happy birthday !x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x

  7. Thank you very much – that would be lovely and hopefully we could arrange such an occasion in the future. We live in The Borders and I will write a letter soon giving you our address etc. Good wishes to all, John R Denholm

  8. Mr Denholm,
    Whereabouts do you live now? We would be delighted to show you around the school if you came to visit.

  9. I have an amendment to the entry above, I started school in Miss Downie’s class in 1936 -even longer ago!!! I was in Miss Stewart’s class when the WW2 started and well recall having the gas masks fitted, rubber ear plugs too, as well as all the other instructions for an emergency. We had air raid shelters in the playground.

    Good wishes to all, John RD

  10. I was delighted to receive your news letter and to find that most of those quoted continue to enjoy school! I did all those years ago and just wish i could turn the clock back sometimes!

    Are the new classroomes helpful – that must make a tremendous difference for space – where do you have the keep fit or gym classes& We opened a partition between Miss Malcolm’s and Miss Stewart’s for such classes when we had them as well as for learning to dance – it was always an exciting session but dreaded by some!

    Good wishes to all for the future.

  11. John Renton Denholm (we used to live at Orchardfield and my father George was the miller at Preston Mill. says:

    Good afternoon – very interesting and glad that the old school continues so well!! My recollections are ‘fairly’ clear – yes I started in Miss Downie’s P1 in 1939, then Miss Malcolm’s, next Miss Stewart’s, then Miss Darling’s and finally in the Qualifying Class of Mr Grieve! I hope you have new floors as there were knots sticking up then that was felt through our socks! Happy days too.

  12. Thank you to the theatre company for the production of Martha last week. Totally fab – an absolute delight and at £3 had to be the bargain of the year!

  13. The Fairtrade morning was a big success! Thank you to everyone who bought things at the tuck shop. The winners of the face painting competition will be announced at assembly on Friday. There are some great prizes!!

  14. Did you know that recently some of us P7 girls went to Dunbar Grammar and had a netball tournament? Well, there were five teams from different schools, except from Aberlady Primary School which had two teams. We got a chance to play against every team apart from one. Each team gave themselves a whacky name, like Jamacan Cheese Puffs, or Marshmallow Dogs!! We weren’t so whacky, though, and we called ourselves The Linton Lizards. Overall we came third, out of the five teams that played. I think this is a FANTASTIC achievement, as we haven’t been playing netball for a while since Miss Flemming ( our coach – and a very good one too ) left to go and teach in London. I would like to say a BIG thank – you to Katie Forsyth, our Active Schools Co-ordinater, who organised the whole thing for us to do as we were nagging her to start up netball again! And also to all my team-mates that came to play on Wednesday, I couldn’t have done it without you guys.


  16. I attended the end of term church service last week and I would like to say what a vast improvement there was in both the choir and the recorders since the Christmas service. They were both a delight to listen to. Please pass on my compliments to whoever is responsible. They are doing a wonderful job.

  17. Wishing everyone a very happy Easter holiday. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with all the performers at the church service today, they were all excellent.

  18. That’s really interesting – James, I’d love to hear more about this…do you know any more details about the history of the school?

  19. I love my school, did you know the James Laing’s great granddad helped
    to build the school!

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