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P4 Titanic Posters

In P4, we have been looking at the different passengers that were on the Titanic, and how social class made a big difference to the conditions that people experienced on board the Titanic.

In groups, P4 researched using books and online to find out about a social class and presented to the rest of the class.

They looks AMAZING!


All East Lothian Council schools, nurseries and specialist education provision will re-open tomorrow (Monday).
We are working closely with providers who transport pupils from more isolated rural areas (outwith towns and villages) to and from our schools. Transport providers will contact parents directly if there are any difficulties collecting pupils from these locations due to road conditions.
There has been a huge amount of effort by our teams to clear snow from pathways – thanks to parents and residents for their assistance with this.
Please be aware of surface conditions given the low temperature. Ensure children walking to school have appropriate footwear and are dressed to the conditions. In the interests of the safety, children and young people should go straight into the school building on arrival.

It’s still snowing! We miss you !

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are all safe and warm! Your teachers have been working hard during these snow days to plan some fantastic learning for you , so hopefully we will be seeing you all on Monday.

P4-7 – hope you are doing lots of lovely reading – remember to use ARbookfinder online to check if a book is on AR.

p1-3 – carry on with any reading book you have or enjoy a comic or magazine.

We do hope you have been getting creative in the snow – send us your photos so we can put them on our blog!


Take care everyone.

Mrs G 🙂

Hello P5!

Hello P5

As we’ve been learning about writing instructions how about… either
1) make a snow sculpture and then write the instructions, How to make a Snow….?
2)Research Optical Illusions for children.
Create your own picture using ideas researched. OP-ART for kids is a good one.
3)Who was M. C. Escher? Find out about this artist and create an information poster with his nationality, when and where he was born, why he was famous.
4) Top Marks maths games “Hit the Button”


Stay safe

Mrs Gilmour

Hello P2!

Hello P2!

I hope that you’re having lots of fun in the snow ❄️ Here are some activities that you can do when having a break from snowmen building ⛄️:

It’s World Book Day so snuggle up with your favourite book! 📚

Can you write a description of your favourite story character? Remember to use lots of WOW words! Bring it in to share with the class.

Go for a walk in the snow and take photos of the local area 📸 Bring them into school to show the class.

Continue to practise your spelling words for this week and complete a maths/numeracy task from your new homework grid – why not try writing your spelling words/sums in the snow!?

I look forward to hearing all about your snow adventures when school reopens! 🌨

Miss Dixon 😊

Hello P1!

Happy 2nd Snow Day P1!

I hope you’re all staying safe and warm, going out all wrapped up and making fabulous snowmen, going sledging maybe too and having hot chocolate to warm up again and keep you toasty down to your toes!

So as you know today is World Book Day, I’m busy planning some fun activities for us when we’re back in class. On Tuesday we were talking about our favourite books, so why don’t you spend some time choosing yours, curl up reading with your people at home, talk about their favourite books when they were in P1, and if your grown ups say it’s ok you could bring your favourite book in to school and we could all show and share them for the day!

In the meantime stay safe, no slipping on the ice!
And I’ll do the same,
Miss Grierson

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone .Its Mrs G. I hope you are all keeping safe and warm. Happy World Book Day!

if you are looking for some fun learning in the snow check out these links – World Book Day films to watch and very creative snow activities – I love the snowy critters – send us a photo if you make one 🙂 Take care – see you soon 🙂

01 March 2018 07:39

Message for P4

Good morning P4,

I hope you are enjoying the snow! ⛄️ But here are some learning activities you can do at home while you are off:

  • Read! 📚It is still World Book Day so grab a book and read it under a cosy blanket!
  • Spelling!🔡 Try to spell your words in the snow ❄ and bring in a picture.
  • Maths! 💷Plan your make £5 Grow sheet.
  • Numeracy!🔢 Can you write your tables in the snow? Challenge yourself!
  • Writing! 📝Write a diary, letter or comic strip about what you are doing on the snow days to share in class.
  • Titanic! 🚢Why not do some research? Build it in the snow?

Looking forward to seeing you when the school opens and hearing all about what you got up to.

Miss Lockhart 😊