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P3 Learning Blog – 7.5.21


We are learning about solubility. We had to make a prediction then got different materials and put them into water to see id they dissolved or were insoluble. (LB, VG)


In P.E. we have been learning about athletics with Miss Gordon. We know that athletics include javelin, long jump, high jump, 100 metres and shot put! (NG, HW)

We are learning about friendships. We spoke about when we disagree and showed how to fix it using puppets. (ES, SC)


We know that nouns are people, places and things. We wrote 10 nouns that we found n our reading books and sorted them into a table. (IC, FC)

In writing, we are learning how to write diary entries. This week we were focussing on including emotions and put on other peoples’ shoes. We watched a short film ‘Umbrella’ and wrote as if we were the boy. (LS, SW)


We have been learning about fractions. We learned the whole, half, third, fourth or quarter and fifth! (ES, BY, ET)


In time we made clocks and used a calendar. We also had a challenge to put the different times in biggest order. We have started to look at times on a clock and using the right hands! (MP, IP)

Social Studies

We have been learning about the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child). We learned 18 of the different rights and everyone wrote one and drew a picture for it. (OM, SR)

P3’s Reflective Blog – 23.4.21


In class we were reading Iron Man. We wrote diaries about being  Iron Man and also Hogarth. We have to include feelings and the date! (IC, ET, BY)


Division is the opposite of times tables. You can also use them in fact families. For example: 3 x 4 = 12. 12 / 3 = 4 and 12 / 4 = 3. Other strategies are grouping, sharing, number line and inverse! (SR, OM, LS)


We measured time using a calendar. The calendar has the first letter of the days of the week. We found and circled special days of the year. (VG, LB, MP)


We made a friendship tree to show how you know if someone is a friend or not. We also played a friendship game. There were two of the same objects in a bag, you pulled on out and then find the person that has the same object. Then you had to find something you had in common. (SW, HW, NG)

In P.E. we were throwing hoops to see who can throw them the furthest. We were skipping and running too and we were doing two-to-two jumps ten times! We have been working on our strength! (IP, ES, SC)


On the laptops we have been learning about the 5 oceans: Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Artic and Antartic oceans. We used Google Maps to find where they were on a map of the world. (ES, FC, EH).

P3’s Learning Blog – 27.11.20

In money we learned that if you gave £1 and it was 50p the shopkeeper would give you 50p back in change. We also had to count a whole pot of money with just a piece of paper and a partner. (S)

In ICT we were working in groups and we had a topic (toys) and finding out about the old and new ones! (LB)

We have bee doing PE and we have been doing orienteering in PE. We have been making obstacles and completing them. (ET)

In poetry we learned that it can have a rhyme and it goes at the end of the line. We were writing rhymes about our new novel – The Christmasaurus. (HW)

We are learning about magnets. If you have a cup with paperclips inside you can get them out using a magnet because they are metal and the magnets is attracted to things that are mental. (SC)

At outdoor learning there was a letter and on the letter there was a number and we had to add the two numbers together which made a bigger number! (IC)

P3 Learning Blog – 13.11.20

We did ICT.  We didn’t ask the teacher for help.  We learnt to type and how to get on to Google. We clicked on the icon and it took us to Google. We typed in ‘invented Lego’ and we learnt about it. (EH)

We were talking about respect in class.  If someone was having trouble with their work you can help them.  We looked at it on the white board and we worked together in class and we learned that respect is good. (VG)

We showed very respectful behaviour when we had a 2 minute silence for Remembrance Day and made a wreath altogether to lay on the memorial.

We were adding the balls and found the number that was the double of that number and saw the pattern and we did do it because it was number work outside with Martin. (OM)


The forces are push, pull, squeeze, squash, stretch and twist.  We learned if you push an object hard it will go further.  If you push it soft it will go shorter.  We learned what motion is.  We pushed objects.  We figured out what order it went. (ES)

We learned to keep the beat in music. We clapped on our knees and hands to the music and table too. We learned how fast and slow the music was so now we know how to keep the beat. (SW)

P3’s Learning Blog – 6.11.20

P3’s learning this week, written by P3!

We have been learning different ways to search on Google like we search some questions and use keywords. (ES)

We have been doing poems on jotters and chose topics on poems. We used some adjectives. We got personal reading books. Some people have Walker stories. We have been using keywords on Thursdays to look at google and find answers. (MP)

We have been learning about money and numeracy. We have been learning about how much things cost using coins. In number we have been looking at number bonds and doubles they help us with adding up to make bigger numbers. (FC)

We have been learning about forces. We used playdoh to squash, push, pull, twist and stretch! (NG)

We have been learning about in P.E. strength and concentration. We did this on a fitness course. (BY)

We did Outdoor Classroom Day and a person came to do some number with us and we did PE outside. We also took out story and milk outside! (ES and LS)


We are learning about music. We were learning how to do body percussion. We acted the moves from a video. (LS)

P3 Map of the Week

Good morning P3!

I have uploaded the timetable for the week. All resources from Monday to Friday are available on the Google Classroom so you can make it as flexible for you as you wish!

You also have time in the afternoons to work on a skill or interest of you own. Please share these with us on the Stream!

Here is to another excellent week!

Take care

Miss L x

Map of the Week 30.3.20

P3 Home Learning

Good evening P3!

I have attached the P3 Home Learning Timetable for this week.

Each day I will put a detailed timetable with learning intentions and success criteria on the P3 Google Classroom with any resources you might need.

Remember our Learning Hero this week: INDEPENDENCE!

I look forward to seeing all your learning 🙂

Miss L x

Map of the Week 23.03.20

Our First Term in P3

P3 have been exceptionally busy in their first term of Primary 3. Here is a wee snapshot of what we have been up to:


We have been learning to include VCOP in our writing to make it magical, magnificent and extremely delightful (some of the words P3 have added to our WOW wall!). We have also been making posters thinking about layout, key information and making them eye-catching!

We have read some very funny books like The Twits and There’s a Pharaoh in my Bath!


We have spent a long time deepening our understanding of number and increasing the range of numbers we know. We are now read to move on to looking at addition and subtraction strategies! Yay!


We have been enjoying working with 2D and 3D shapes and moving on to using directional language. We have been using angles, compass points and grid references to help us follow and give directions. We even created our own town map to help us!


We looked at and worked on developing our growth mindsets. We thought about mistakes and how they are a part of learning, discussed the learning pit and what is says about how we learn, and found out about successful people who never gave up! We have also been focussing on the value of respect and we will be continuing to grow a garden of respect in our classroom!


In ICT we have been practising out Google Doc skills. We looked at changing fonts, using old and underline and even adding pictures! We created tremendous posters that we are very proud of!


As you probably know, P3 were discovering all about Ancient Egypt. We became Egyptians! We made papyrus paper, mummified tomatoes, wrote in hieroglyphs and used Egyptian numbers and even danced like Egyptians! We also found out lots about Egyptian Gods, Tutankhamun and ever held ACTUAL Egyptian artefacts at the Museum! We have thoroughly enjoyed our topic, so much so, that we are going to be doing our assembly after the October break on it!


We have been learning all about the days of the week, months of the year and numbers to 31 in French. We will soon be able to say the date each morning! How exciting. Also, we found out lots about the country France on European Languages Day! C’est super!

Here are a selection of photos from the term. I have everyone has a lovely relaxing week! 🙂

P6 Update!

P6 have been very busy this term learning all about World War 2 for social studies! We visited Edinburgh Castle to find out all about the Poppy and did some exploring of the castle and National War Museum! We had Field to Fork in teaching us about farming during the war, rationing and we made Woolten Pie using ingredients that would have been available at the time.

For numeracy, we have been developing our strategies and problem solving skills for addition and subtraction and now are moving on to look at these skills for multiplication and division!

In literacy have been developing our research skills as well: taking notes from a variety of sources; double checking internet information; skimming and scanning; and doing our own independent research.

We have learnt a lot about light and electricity as part of our science learning this term. We took part in lots of experiments and created Morse Code machines using our knowledge of circuits!

Recently, as part of our RME we have been finding out about Judaism and their festival Hanukkah. We even played a driedel game with P3!

We were very lucky yesterday that we had visitors from ABEL join us to teach us all bout resilience and how our emotions can affect how we think and feel. We have been thinking a lot about our emotions and respecting the people around us in HWB and this brought all of those ideas together. It was a very positive day.

Finally, P6 will be having an open session to share our learning from our WW2 project in the New Year – look out for an invite to our ‘street party’ soon!

(Apologies for not many images – I am having some conflict with the class camera!)