Catch up with P7

P7 finished off visiting Africa with cracking open a coconut and trying some foods from Africa – lychees, bananas (fairtrade of course), coconut and watermelon.

Last week P7 visited South America and created Mola artwork (artwork to be shared soon!) This involved cutting and layering paper to produce different patterns.  We finished the week looking at foods from South America and tried mango, papaya (we read a story about a boy called Pele from Brazil who sold papayas), avocado and honeydew melon. The mango was definitely the favourite!

Last week was the P7 Spring Fling at Dunbar Primary. Everyone had a great night making new friends and dancing. We’re looking forward to the other transition events coming up.

This week P7 have moved on to fractions in maths. We went outside to create fraction walls using sticks.  We are visiting North America this week and have continued with our Mola artwork. We have began story writing in Literacy and the children have enjoyed creating their own characters for their stories. This Friday is our last session of Level 1 Bikeability before we begin Level 2 on the roads after the Easter Holidays.

P7 had a Uruguayan visitor!

P7 had a visitor this morning as this week we’re visiting South America. One of our grandmothers was born in Uruguay in South America and created a PowerPoint to  share some information of the culture, music and food of Uruguay.

P7 Trust Activities

As mentioned below, this week P7 are learning about Africa.  We have learnt about the story A Blind Man Catches a Bird by Alexander McCall Smith, which is an African story that Miss Warrender taught in Tanzania and we have taken part in trust exercises to do with this.  We made use of the good weather to go outside with one partner being blind folded and the other had to use communication skills to guide them to a ‘safe space’. We then finished using our circle time outside, to use our non-verbal communication skills to work out how to always having 4 people standing in our circle, but for a maximum time limit of 10 seconds.


P7 Journey Around the World in 7 Weeks!

P7 started this term off with a bang last week arriving to find their classroom transformed into an aeroplane accompanied by Captain Warrrender and co-pilots Mrs Gibson and Claire. The children had to complete their passports and boarding passes in order to board the plane.

Last week we visited Europe. This involved learning about European landmarks which we created using Kapla blocks. Can you guess any of our European Landmarks? We also looked at the Mona Lisa and created our own modern day Mona Lisas. To complete the week we tasted some European food; brioche from France and pizza from Italy.

This week we have jetsetted to Africa as it is Fairtrade Fortnight. We have learnt about Fairtrade and created posters to promote this which we have put up around the school. Miss Warrender shared her teaching experience in Tanzania and we have created our own ‘well done chant’ to use when someone in our class has been successful. We have learnt about the story A Blind Man Catches a Bird by Alexander McCall Smith, which is an African story that Miss Warrender taught in Tanzania and we have taken part in trust exercises to do with this. We are finishing off the week looking at African art and trying some African food on Friday.

We have also been busy finishing off our division maths topic and have done very well in a multiplication and division assessment this week. We have moved on to look at order of operations (BODMAS). Every Friday we are also taking part in Bikeability sessions which are going very well. A very busy P7!!


Street Dance Tasters

Last week the whole school took part in a Street Dance taster session. The P6s and P7s joined together for their session and enjoyed creating different moves to music.

P7 become engineers

Last week P7 were set a design challenge using the play pod equipment. They had to create something, using three or more different objects, with at least one other person and the purpose was to be that the object was not originally designed for. We had daleks, horse and carriages, ping pong tables, dens, cars and sumo rings.

P7 celebrate Burn’s Day

P7 celebrated Robert Burn’s day by creating their own class picture in the style of Chuck Close. Each child completed their own grid which were then combined to create the overall picture. The children used primary, secondary and tertiary colours to paint and colour their grid.

P7 Rotary Quiz

Last week two teams from P7 took part in the Rotary Quiz, completing against other children from West Barns, Dunbar, Belhaven and Innverwick. One of our teams came a very close second! The children completed questions in a range of different subjects and were a great representation of East Linton Primary. Well done everyone!