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Primary 7 Snow-work!

Hello Primary 7,

I hope you are getting outside and enjoying the snow.

Now is the perfect time to practice your Orienteering skills! If you would like to create your own course in the snow you can print this map, or draw your own:

Make a symbol in the snow where you want to put a control and ask your friend to see if they can find all the symbols.

We have also being talking about probability and averages in maths. Try throwing snowballs at a target and work out the average number of successful throws. Move back and try again. You can then draw a graph in the snow showing the average number of shots on target for the different distances.

We have also just started our P7 block of Imaginative writing lessons this term. Have a look at the landscape now that it has been transformed white, look for details and try to think of interesting ways to describe the scene. Remember not to give too much away, make it mysterious to intrigue your reader. Now imagine you have to make a journey on foot in the snow. What are you feeling? Are you prepared, or has it happened suddenly? How do you survive the wind and cold? How do you navigate in poor visibility? Here is a picture from a ski tour I went on last night in the Lammermuir Hills. 

Perhaps it will help you get started if you are stuck for ideas?

Hopefully I will see you all soon, but in the meantime make the most of the snow and get out whenever it is safe to do so. Conditions like this are rare in East Lothian and you’ll be back in the classroom soon enough!

Mr Aitken





P7 learn about Fraud with Alastair from RBS Moneysense.

P7 took part in an investigation to see how a lady was defrauded of her money through identity theft. They looked at a variety of scams that are common as well as the most common ways people clone identities. Alastair explained what the bank and police can do to help but also highlighted the key ways we can make ourselves less vulnerable to fraud.

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P7 attend their first transition day in Dunbar

Primary 7 met with the other children who they will join in High School next year, at Lochend Campus. They spoke also spoke with high school teachers and pupils about their hopes and fears for next year. Mr Aitken will be working with the Dunbar maths department and other Primary 7 teachers across the cluster to ensure a smooth transition. Everyone came back with smiles and stories, and they all seem very positive about next year after today.