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Art and Poetry Show in P6

P6 had an Art and Poetry show to let their parents see all the wonderful work they have produced.  Children guided their visitors round all the displays explaining what they had been learning.  The children then taught these skills in mini workshops.  Our visitors were learning about vanishing points, foreshortening and parabolic curves in art and in poetry they had workshops on octopoems, limericks and black out poetry.  Thank you to everyone who was able to come along, we hope you enjoyed it.



Day of the Dead in P6

P6 were looking at the traditions and celebrations around the Day of the Dead.  The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. It is known there as Día de los Muertos. People who are from Mexico celebrate the festival in other countries as well. The festival is celebrated to remember loved ones who have died. It also helps people accept and deal with the idea of death. It takes place over two days in November.  One of the famous crafts from the celebrations are the masks so we had a go at creating our own.  They look fabulous!

WW2 in P6

Some photos from our WW2 project which I have just found on the class camera.  Photos show some of the artefacts the children brought in from home and items showing their own family history connections to the war.  Also some of our homework activities, a homemade Anderson shelter, gas mask and some home baking using recipes from the time.  At the end of our topic we had a workshop from the Museum of Flight and finally we shared our learning with the whole school at our assembly.  Great work P6!

Scribbleboy Rap in P6









P6 have been enjoying our class novel, Scribbleboy by Philip Ridley, it’s a fantastic book with some amazing characters, such as, Ma Glamrock, Pa Punkrock, Ziggy Fuzz,  Levi Toot, Hip-Hop, Be-Bop and Shoo-Wop.  We have been listening to some of the music which the characters in the book enjoy, we have had a dance to some disco, punk rock and rap.  We worked in groups today to present The Scribbleboy Rap – enjoy our performances!


Pop Art Santa in P6

P6 have been learning about Pop Art.  We looked at the work of Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein.   The Pop Art movement presented a challenge to the traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular and mass culture, such as advertising and comic books.  We took a popular figure at this festive time and gave him a Pop Art makeover.


Weeping Window in P6

We are coming to the end of our WW2 project in P6 and have finished by creating some poignant shape poems and our own stunning version of The Weeping Window.  Everyone spent time making their own tissue paper poppies to add to the artwork and then we all placed our poppies on the display.  It has made us think about the number of soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in war and the soldiers who have returned but whose lives are greatly affected by their experiences.

Maths in P6

Over the last few weeks in P6 we have been looking at symmetry during our maths lessons and we created some fantastic symmetrical art.  We have also been working in pairs to solve a variety of different maths problems.  As part of maths week Scotland we looked at different number tricks and tried to understand how they worked – hopefully the children have tried them at home!

Learning about WW2 in P6

P6 have made a great start to their learning about the events and impact of WW2.  We have been reading round the school looking for information to help us gather evidence to answer questions.  We have had a focus

this week on learning about evacuees and have done some short drama pieces and some hot seating to really get an understanding of how it would have been for children then.  We have also created some movement with paint by making finger paintings of paratroopers.

P6 Wild West Exhibition

Thank you to all the parents, family and friends who came along this morning to view our Wild West exhibition.  We had lots of very creative parents having a go at making wanted posters, writing native American stories and panning for gold.   For anyone who couldn’t make it here are some photographs of our work.

Election update P6 – Labour Landslide

Returning officer – click this link to view video of results

P6 continued their election work this morning, reading policies, discussing the most important issues for the country and finally making a decision on who to vote for.  Our election went ahead very smoothly with lots of help especially from:

Quinten – set up the polling booth,

Findlay – was responsible for the ballot box,

Charlotte, Rachel and Phoebe checking everyone was on the register to vote,

Magnus, Amy and Rhuari counting the votes

Calum and Keenan checking the count

Connor was our returning officer with the final results, which were as follows:

Conservative – 1

Labour – 14

SNP – 7

Liberal Democrats – 6

We wonder if this will be reflected in the UK vote tonight.  P6 really enjoyed learning about how an election works and had some very sensible and mature discussions about the importance of having a vote and discussing what are the important issues for everyone in the UK.  Well done, P6 – a truly democratic experience!