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EARTH HOUR (Sat 24th March 8.30-9.30)P5 Posters

The P5s are encouraging everyone to “switch off” their lights to join in with the  campaign organised by the WWF to draw attention to our environment and the wild life that we share our world with.

They are asking everyone to switch off the lights and have an hour of alternative light. You could….

  • have dinner by candlelight
  • play cards by torchlight

  • play a board game
  • draw/ make something
  • write a poem!
  • the list is endless…..

Our planet is struggling because of  OUR impact.

The Earth is our Home we need to love it and look after it, we can’t “buy” a new one!!!

Look out for some of the fantastic posters in and around the village.

Victorian Open Day P5

Last Friday P5 opened their classroom to parents and carers to share their learning on Victorian Life.

The P5s set up the classroom with stations for the visitors to visit. We had a Shop area, slates for writing on, printing, timelines, power points on various Victorian subjects compiled by the children, artefacts to look at and to guess what they were used for! all organised and set up by the children. We had a display of “Victorian East Linton” in photographs, that was of great interest to everyone, creating a lot of chat! A big thank you to Heather at the library for help with this and to Gary Menzies for emailing some of his collection.

Well done to Lara, Sarah’s mum and Glen’s mum for guessing what Hedgie the holey hedgehog was… ! He was a Victorian planter for crocus bulbs. In the Spring, the crocus flowers would grow  and give Hedgie colourful “spines!”. Other items included a washboard, an old stone “pig” for warming the bed, an old darning “mushroom” to make a surface for helping darning socks!  to name but a few.

It was great to have such a brilliant turn out! Thank you everyone who came and an extra BIG thank you to the class 🙂


Money Sense workshop RBS P5

P5s along with P6 and P7, had a money  workshop delivered by class teachers and by RBS employee, Mr Mc Connachie.

The message the classes were given, was to be very aware of the importance of keeping your personal details safe at all times.

The workshop gave some common scenarios encountered by all of us that could lead to the possibility of Identity theft. The classes then, had to spot, discuss and record why they thought these situations could lead to problems.


I think everyone involved, staff too! realised how easy it can be to be a victim of fraud and to be careful at all times.

Bread and Butter in P5


As part of their Victorian topic P5 were learning how bread and butter were made. These foods were a big part of the Victorian diet. The poor would eat mainly bread and gruel. These were cheap and easy to make foods, that made you feel full. Only the rich or well off could afford to eat butter.


Library Visit

P5 managed to miss the rain and go for a visit to see Heather and Lorna at the local library. Heather explained to the class that in addition to lending books, there are many other activities and groups that can be found there. We were amazed to discover that they even provide new hearing aid batteries, free of charge! Heather then asked the class if they could identify some celebrity authors from photographs. Mrs Gilmour, Claire and Fiona were very impressed with their knowledge! Heather then read a passage from Chris Foy’s children’s novel all about a boy who lives above a second hand bike shop. We all enjoyed our visit and hope to visit it again soon.

P4 Helicopters

As part of their science and technology project the primary 4 children have been making helicopter blades, they cut out templates and folded them to make the blades. They made a large one and a smaller one. They were checking to see which one hit the ground first. Some children also noticed that some spun clockwise and others anticlockwise. They had to figure out why this was.
They are looking forward to their visit to the Museum of Flight to find out more!

P4 Helicopters on PhotoPeach

Science in P3

DSCF0225DSCF0231DSCF0234DSCF0266DSCF0275ELPS P3 May 2015 key outcomes dataLast Monday, Donald, Tamsin’s dad lead the P3s in a “getting to know your bacteria session”!
We all used clickers to answer questions from the Interactive Whiteboard on bacteria. It was a bit like ask the audience in “Who wants to be..” There was some surprising answers! We could see the results on a block graph which showed us how clever we were.
Next we took samples using a cotton bud from either ourselves, shoes, objects in the room. We could sample 2 things. We rubbed the samples carefully on to special jelly that the bacteria like to eat. We made sure each sample kept to its own half. Donald took them away and put them in a cosy incubator so the bacteria would grow.
After 3 days we looked at the results… we were DARED to open the dishes! Donald took photographs of some of the dishes(plates) and told us lots of interesting facts about bacteria.
We then answered the same questions we were asked on Monday, we did so much better with our answers.
We had brilliant fun. Thank you DonaldDSCF0219

P3s visit to Smeaton

Despite the weather, P3 had a “best day ever” in the woods lead by Sam the East Lothian ranger and Mrs Gilmour. Sam showed the children how to make maps outdoors. Their challenge was to make a map of their journey to Smeaton from school using natural materials. Some brilliant designs!
Mrs Gilmour played Bat and Moth a listening game, then Claire and Wendy hid colourful woolly caterpillars for the children to find. Some were very hard to find as they were camouflaged just like real caterpillars.
We came back to school early as everyone was SOAKING! weDSCF0103DSCF0108DSCF0117DSCF0119DSCF0126DSCF0130 got our wet clothes off and got warmed up with hot chocolate and marshmallows, Delicious!!
We’re off again next Tues 12th so here’s hoping the sun shines!!

Ear-phones in P3

If possible, could P3s bring in their own ear-phones to use with our school laptops, please? The ear-phones can either be left in school in their tray or if preferred, they can be taken to and fro as required. We have ear-phones for those who are unable to bring any in, for whatever reason! so no problems if you can’t.

Also, P3s are learning how weigh different items using grams and kilograms. For homework they are to find tins/packets etc around their houses, find where the weight is written down then record the weight in the correct section of their sheet. Hopefully they will be very careful and tidy!
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