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Christmas Post

Primary five have made a start to collecting and sorting the village Christmas post.  They have set up a great sorting office with labelled names for every street.  Mick has taken the children down to the village to collect the letters.  They are all very glad that it isn’t so icy anymore!!

P5 Christmas Post

Primary five will be running a school Christmas post again this year.  There will be post boxes in the Library, Tommy’s Newsagents, the Post Office, the Co-op, the Butchers and at the front of the school.  Stamps will be available to buy at these locations too for 20p each.

  We will start on Monday the 29th November and the last post will be on Monday the 20th December.  The primary five children will be delivering some of the cards themselves but will also need support from parents/carers.  If you feel you could help with this it would be greatly appreciated.  A letter will be sent home soon with a tear off slip to write your name and the name of the street you would be willing to deliver to. 

 All the money raise from the sale of stamps will go to support the Hope Centre in Burundi which helps orphans that have been affected by the civil war.

It has been a very successful enterprise project in previous years and we hope it will be so again this year.

P5 Science

Primary five have been looking at forces in their science topic.  They have been finding out about gravity, friction and balanced forces and looking for examples of them.

They enjoyed the jelly experiment which looked at friction.  Why was it easy to pick up the jelly on its own but difficult after it had been covered in oil?

Bonfire Night Poems

Primary 5 made up some lovely poems, describing the sounds, smells and feelings of bonfire night.  They illustrated their poems with these fantastic pictures.  Here is one example of a poem.

Bonfire Night


Sizzling, crashing, banging

of exploding fireworks.

The frightening night, the flaming light.

Wow, aahh, crash, bang, pop.

Talking, cheering, squealing, screaming.

Warm, happy, cosy feelings.

Amazed, anxious, both at the same time.

Cold but excited.

Tired but playful.

I’m feeling hungry.

I smell sizzling sausages,

frying potatoes,

barbecuing burgers,

I see firing fireworks, lost children.

A busy field.


By Emily P5

Vikings Attack!!!!

Primary five started their Viking day by singing Viking songs.  They experimented with various instruments to create thundery, calm and rowing sounds and rhythms.

After the Vikings had fired themselves up with singing and chanting they went out for battle!

Character Study

Primary five have been studying the work of the artist Picasso.  They have been finding out how he used different qualities of line and colour to create his pieces.  They worked in groups and chose a mood to paint.  One person from the group modelled the mood/pose while the others drew them, exaggerating the positions.  The moods were ‘excited’, ‘angry’, ‘worried’ and ‘bored’.   They are going to use their paintings to inspire them to write a character study for each one.

Thank You!

Primary five want to thank everyone who came along to the coffee morning on Friday.  We recognise that It is only because of the continual support from parents and carers that these events are so successful.  The total came to a huge £745!  We want to thank everyone who donated cakes, toys, books and money and for supporting your children to come and buy at the coffee morning.

Primary 5 Coffee Morning


Just a quick reminder that primary 5 are having their Pakistan Fundraiser this Friday 17th from 10am until 11.45am.  There will be home baking, tea and coffee, a raffle, second hand books/games and art stall.  The class have made fantastic framed prints for sale.  They will be £3.50 or £4.00 each.  What a bargain for an original art work!!  There will also be a second hand school uniform stall.  We hope you can come.  A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has already donated books, games and videos to sell, we have quite a collection.

East Linton Primary School Coffee Morning

Primary 5 are hosting a coffee morning from 10am until 11.45am on Friday the 17th September to raise money for the disaster victims of Pakistan.  If you can help with baking or serving tea/coffee please let myself or another member of staff know.  Many thanks for the old toys and books that have been sent in already.