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P2a Weekly Overview – week beginning 30th March

Good morning P2a!

Welcome to our second week of learning at home (and the last one before the Easter holidays begin!). I will be posting the whole day’s activities first thing in the morning and, as ever, please feel free to dip in and out and do as much or as little as you like! Lots of nice thinking activities and Easter fun this week!

Weekly Blog Overview 30March

Take care!

Mrs Thomson x

P2B Weekly Overview

Good morning P2B,

I am so excited for another week of online learning with you. Here is our plan for the week. Remember, all of our jobs will go up at 9am every day after my morning chat video explaining what our tasks are. Do what you can, when you can and remember that I will be here to help you if needed.

I am also adding in a ‘Play at Home’ activities sheet – if you are finished your tasks or you are looking for something extra then give these things a go! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

See you over on our google classroom,

Mrs Hutchison x


Play at Home Activities

Primary 5 Home Learning 25th March 2020 from Mrs McPheat

Morning everyone!

Happy Birthday Oscar!!

So today I am taking over from Miss Reeves. You have all been working really hard and I have been dipping into your page in the Google Classroom. As with most of us this is all new to me and I am on a steep learning curve and every day is a learning day!!

I am attaching our timetable for the rest of the week and all the activities are uploaded in the classroom. You don’t need to follow the timetable but the activities will give you some structure to your day.

P5 Week 1 Home Learning

Mrs McPheat


Hi everyone!

I have an extra wee challenge for you!! Rainbows are a sign of hope and happiness – can you paint or draw one and put it in your window for everyone to see? Send me some photos ! Let’s see how many we can get all around East Linton !!!

Mrs G

P2A Online Learning – Week beginning 23rd March 2020.

Good morning P2a!! Welcome to our first week of home learning! I’m so excited to ‘see’ you all online later!

I’ve attached below an overview of our week, which is just the same as if we were in school. Each day I will post suggested activities. You can complete them anytime you like and it would be amazing if you could keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on – maybe even send me a photo of your work from time to time – but you don’t have to!

Don’t forget to have some fun and plenty of exercise breaks!

P2a Weekly Overview 23 March

See you soon,

Mrs Thomson

P2B Weekly Plan

Hello P2B!

Here is our plan for the week which shows all of the fun learning that we are going to be doing together.

I can’t wait to get our Google classroom up and running and to see all the fantastic things you get up to at home. Remember, I’m here to help you just like always.

Take care and keep your eyes on our classroom for your first task tomorrow morning,

Mrs Hutchison x


Emergency Provision for Keyworkers Update

The First Minister has just reiterated that following the closure of schools, childcare being established in each local authority is emergency provision for frontline keyworkers where there is no-one else in the house to look after your child and no other alternative. East Lothian will be opening a small number of Children’s Hubs but we need to ensure that those parents who really need a place get it. Please help us and don’t apply for a place unless it is absolutely essential. We are required to keep numbers in the hubs to an absolute minimum and will be prioritising Category 1 keyworkers in the first instance.
Lesley R. Brown  | Chief Operating Officer (Education) – Education & Children’s Services

Every day is a learning day!

Every day is a learning day! We had a busy staff development session this week.

Mrs McDonald led us all as we looked at how French and German are being taught in school – we looked at the feedback from our pupils too and all the teachers made a plan for their class!

Working together, we looked at how we plan for learning and teaching. We shared good ideas and asked questions of each other to improve experiences for our learners. We used the Connect, Extend,Challenge thinking routine.

We used Chalk Talk to explore the ELC Pedagogy Placemats – we asked ourselves how do they match our practice and ethos in school? What can we learn from them?