Primary 1 Distance Learning – Week Commencing 30th March

Good morning P1 and welcome to week 2 of distance learning.   I hope you have lots of  fun and  I know you’re going to be just as amazing as last week!

I have a couple of surprises for you during the week, so remember to check the stream every now and then to see what’s going on in the classroom.

The attached timetable is a guide to the suggested learning activities I will be posting.  Please do not feel obliged to do everything.


P1 30.3.20

Very proud P1 teacher

I couldn’t be more proud of all the Primary 1 children and their parents for going over and above with the distance learning this week.  I am truly astonished at, not only how much the children have engaged, but more so by their extraordinary commitment to quality learning.

The children have taken my ideas for learning and stretched them way beyond expectations, proving that even when you’re only in your first year of school, you can have exactly what it takes to be a learning hero.

Grace-May won the hero of the week for outstanding independent spelling, but, could I give out stickers from home they would also be going to:

Respectful: Lily – for working with her Mummy and sister around the house and garden to look after he environment.

Responsible: Celia – for tackling almost all of the suggested learning and much, much more!

Collaborative: Alfie – for working with William to make a bug hotel.

Resourceful: Marley – for finding an alternative journey into writing and creating a super poem as a result.

Resilient: Lochie G – for giving 100% to his learning despite feeling quite poorly.

Perseverant: Hendrix – for making continued efforts in his reading and writing.

Aspirational: Eilidh – for linking her learning in fractions with her learning in measure before we’d even gone there!

Reflective: Yussef – for his insightful thoughts in his moods and music learning.

Keep it up next week Primary 1, You’ve set the bar high!

Mrs McDonald

Primary 1 Distance Learning. 23rd March 2020

Hello Primary 1,

Welcome to Edubuzz and to many new learning experiences.  I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready to try some new ways of learning together.  I know some of you may be feeling a little anxious about what lies ahead, but I also know that each and every one of you are absolutely amazing and that, together, we will make this work and, hopefully, still have lots of fun along the way.

Please follow the link to this week’s timetable to see the plan for our learning this week.  I have made this very simple but you do not have to follow the day according to my plan – it’s just there as a guide and is set up as a normal school day to help you follow our usual routines if you find this helpful.

When you log in to your Google Classroom, you will find the learning activities for the day posted here.  If you have any trouble accessing these, then you can get in touch to let me know and we’ll get it sorted.

Looking forward to catching up with you all,

Mrs McDonald

23rd march